Prospects of Macintosh MacBook Air Competitors

Updated October 6, 2023

Nowadays almost every laptop is ready to be called a “copy” of MacBook Air. Yet it is not like that, and we understand it clearly – because there is no manufacturer today who will be ready to present a real opponent for new MacBook Air 2012. Yet there are a few kinds of notebooks that are going to make some trouble for Apple, because their latest models are looking almost the same as Apple ones. Let’s appreciate them and see their characteristics.

The first one is from Lenovo, the model called U300s available in IdeaPad series. A good nominee for a MacBook Air laptop – the amount of RAM is the same, an i5 Ivy Bridge processor from Intel gives really good level of operation. An SSD hard drive is one more strong side of this laptop, which enables its operating to be quick and can let us forget about defragmentation and performance losses of PCs that are a result of defragmentation. Its weight of only 1.25 Kg also helps it to be one of the most popular alternatives to traditional Apple’s products.

Another nominee in today’s lottery is Dell XPS 13. It is practically an exact copy of Lenovo’s laptop, but yet its bodywork is a bit weaker than the abovementioned one’s. Its price, however, is considerably higher, and this phenomenon is really hard to explain. It can hardly make any opposition even to the previous generation of Apple’s AirBooks, and has frankly nothing to say in front of 2012 models.

One more kind of an ultra-book is ZenBook from Asus. It can also make a strong opposition to AirBooks, and we have to deal with it because it has won some fans back from Apple. It is a complete copy of the abovementioned two models from Lenovo and Dell, except for the fact it has a bit more powerful processor and an SSD with 256 Gb of space instead of 128 Gb ones. Another strong pro of this model is that it has simply perfect bodywork – personally I am an Apple fan, but still it sometimes looks better than Apple’s one.

The whole tendency looks quite clear – in the nearest future Apple is going to suffer even more from copies of his opponents. Today’s marketing aspects, which have been foreseen by Apple’s genius and that are shamelessly stolen today by other companies are going to develop even more – and ultrathin notebooks are only a beginning. People demand today primarily for 3 kind of notebooks – portable workstations like MacBook Pro 15” (they are actually offered by many brands), 13-inch portable, but still able to work quickly workstations and ultra-books (they were actually reminded already, but still – Apple, Lenovo, Asus and Dell are the leading manufacturers of these devices nowadays), and the smallest niche – 11-inch portable and slim notebooks for everyday usage. Yet the last choice is often replaced today by simple IPads – because the functions such devices become used of don’t differ much – Internet surfing, watching films and pictures, some documentary work (yet it cannot be performed properly on any of these devices actually).

This is why we are waiting for new players in this field in the nearest time – because all the manufacturers already understand that rivalry is the healthiest way to find out – whose laptops are the best ones, which of them are most effective and mobile and who wins the spectator’s heart in the end of ends. In the nearest time we are going to make a short test and find out more clearly about the ultra-thin devices – what is their loading time, how quickly they perform everyday tasks and which of them is the bet by price/functionality ratio. Follow us!

Author Bio:- Author of this writing is Tamika Clifford who is a technology enthusiast and freelance blogger on numerous online publications platforms. She is currently engaged I organizing a number of informational campaigns intended to promote further improvements in technology available to mass users. read more.

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