Startup Marketing – Getting Ahead Of The Curve

Updated October 6, 2023
Startups face so much competition in the digital marketing stakes that they really need to start two steps ahead of their competitors. While nobody can predict the future, several outlets have given it a good try, and a glance at Think With Google’s predictions for 2022 reveal a distinctly modern edge; consumer identity, eco-friendliness and respect for privacy all take centre stage. Building a digital marketing platform for your business and ensuring it remains effective from day one requires creative thinking; a good place to start involves creating technical aptitude.

Technical integration

According to Forbes, a key factor of how digital marketing will change in 2022 concerns digital and data integration. Factors such as search engine optimization (SEO), meta-data and algorithm readiness are all on the menu, but as background factors. More emphasis will be placed on quality content and fine-tuning consumer-facing interfaces to provide a superior experience for web users, and that means getting your technical affairs into order. In achieving this it’s important to look to established marketing agencies; outside expertise will help in ticking off exactly what it means to have a modern technical marketing foundation for your content creation efforts elsewhere. It cannot be stressed how important it is to get the basics down – a solid and cogent technical experience will underpin everything else you do.

Interactivity and consumers

2021 was the year of authenticity. Consumers wanted content and engagement that really spoke to them, to help them understand why businesses were good for them and why they could be a better option than competitors. According to Inc magazine, that trend will only become more relevant, and will now branch into interactive content. Questionnaires, quizzes and polls; 360 VR experiences; augmented reality materials. These, alongside older style interactive marketing tools, will define the user experience on any given piece of web content. Thinking outside of the box, and bringing these tools into your marketing scheme, can help you gain an edge. Just make sure that they are technically sound and enhance, rather than frustrate, the user experience.

Data management

There were also significant changes in how data is managed throughout 2021. Google changed their algorithm and announced a move away from AdSense; Meta started doing a lot less tracking and instead moved to organic methods of data collection. This proper use of data, and a shift towards focusing on first party data gathering – that is, data willingly submitted by consumers via your web content – is key, according to The Drum. Sticking to data rules and guidelines will help your company to remain compliant; being transparent will give your web users that extra confidence in you and your company and their ability to market fairly.
All of this builds authenticity, a crucial factor for any modern business in the marketing stakes. Consumers value the story and conversation they have with you; that’s key, especially for a startup. Placing yourself at the head of the curve requires thought, but it will ensure you’re up to speed and competitive.

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