Google Wave Advantages and Disadvantages

Updated October 6, 2023

Google wave is very new innovation from the house of Google which help its users to do real time interface with other. Wave is a new gadget in the list of communication but very differently it is not only for communication but for collaboration too. One can get instant reply of massages in rich text format and the best part is any one from the group can edit & playback to see it from starting at any point of interaction. Group can share a lot in real time experience like maps, pictures, videos, workbook and massages. As an add-on these groups can be private as within friends or also can be public so that any of the user can join it and edit it playback it and for sure can enjoy it. It is like huge dash board where you can read massages then you have the ability to rewrite or edit it. Plenty of google wave robots are available to increase the quality of communication. A lot of google wave extensions are available which can help in adding additional features. As after using it and as it is new so it turns up with a lot of advantages and disadvantages too.

google wave advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Google Wave

Innovative Interface

Google did this ahead of the lines in first look it may seems like your old inbox mail application but next one will let you recap that how the wave has evolved and changed since you last visited your inbox.

Real Time Interface

It is real a unique innovation that now you can actually see your friends, collogue and mates writing and typing in real time. Search for some familiar applications can take you very far but indeed hard to find any match for the same.

Promoting new waves of Collaboration

It’s something like working on remote system which was a monopoly of IT experts, now this new platform give new interface of collaboration to do things simultaneously along with communication

Disadvantages of Google wave

No undo system

If someone edit your wave and you wish to undo it, so dear folks you have to go all manual because Google wave do not have any system/ undo option.

No option to hide replies

Google wave does not offer a way to hide replies permanently. As it works as dash board/ bulletin board so it is not easy to read main content because of replies/ results on the main board.

Limited user’s invitation

You do not have ability not invite everybody on wave as because of this wave’s value decreases very dramatically.

No notification system

Folks you have to monitor waves yourself for updates, replies etc because Google waves have no notification system yet. It is really inadequate like we use Gmail, Gtalk but there is no option to get any notification of waves it is really a biggest drawback of waves.

Only Google account login option

There is no sense of calling it real time interface and collaboration with group or publically, if one can’t login with different id, this deficit stop your to engage you clients, friends to join you.

Previously i wrote about why blogger must use google wave, if you are a blogger and read the post, then of course you will know that wave can really help in your website or blog promotion. Although there are plenty of google wave alternatives available, but still wave is the most innovative and feature rich among them. Now it is upto you whether to use wave or not. However don’t forget to share your comments.

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