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Updated October 6, 2023

If one of your blog or website is showing the message “This site may harm your computer” in google search page. Then there is no need to worry, because it is not a penalty or any penalization. This is because Google bot has detected any malicious code in your blog content and that is why it is showing this error message in search engine. Normally this occurs when you add any html code from third party advertisement websites or any other websites.

For example this happened with one of my blogger blog, where i was running Bidvertiser Ads on that blog. One day when i saw the report in my StatCounter account. That day there was no traffic record for my blog. Then i tried to open the blog and i got a alert message.

reported attack page

How to Remove “This site may harm your computer” From Search Page

1. Blogger

If this happened to your blogger blog, then simply remove the HTML Code from your blog that is related to any Advertisement Websites like Bitdvertiser, Obeous, or any other links. Another possibility can be that there is a link in your blog that google bot thinks it has any malicious scripts or virus.

You can also run Website Security Check on your blog to exactly check that which page is causing the problem. Enter your blog URL and press “Check” button, it will show you all the details about the malicious codes.

2. Websites/Wordpress Etc..

If this happened to one of your website, wordpress, typepad or any other blog then use the same ‘Website Security Check” tool and find the Page where the malicious code in installed. Remove the codes and then use the following method to send a request to google for removing the message “This site may harm your computer”.

Submit Review to Google- Method

After removing all the malicious codes and virus from your blog. Login to your Google Webmaster account. If you have already claim your blog owner ship in your webmaster too account, then simply click on the blog which has been added to the Unsafe search list. There you will see a link “Submit Review”, click on it and write a short comment in the box and click on “Submit” button. If you have not added your blog at claim sites list, then first cliam the ownership of your site or blog and then try the same procedure.

Next time when Google Bot will search your blog, if they did not found any malicious code on your blog, then message will be removed from search engine page. If there is still any code, then try to search your blog content and get rid of it. If still you have any problem, then post comment here.

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  • Ranbir Rai

    Hi Bilal

    Those security message can also appear if your site is hacked and some malicous hidden codes (usually encrypted codes) is inserted by hackers.

    Removing the codes can help one remove those warning message but loophole still exists and hackers may get again.

    To get completely rid of it we provide hack recovery services at

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