The Top 5 Apps that Every U.S. Sports Fan Needs for 2019

Updated October 6, 2023

The number of global smartphone users is constantly rising, with this number estimated at around 2.1 billion as recently as 2014. However, it’s expected to peak at more than five billion by the end of this year, as mobiles and smart technology become increasingly influential in our everyday lives.

As the number of smart cell phone users increases, so too does the number of available mobile apps. A growing percentage of these are recreational too, with branded and high quality sports apps connecting people with live actions as it unfolds (wherever they may be).


In this post we’ll look at five of the most popular sports apps on the market, whilst asking why they offer such outstanding value to users.

1:- ESPN

Not only is ESPN synonymous with U.S. sport, but it also provides one of the most detailed and regularly updated apps on the marketplace.

In addition to the usual fare of live scores and breaking news across an array of different sports and teams, there’s also in-depth analysis of the latest games and even personalised feeds that are tailored to suit your profile.

Ultimately, this is probably the most comprehensive and popular sports app available, and one that features both free and subscription-based services to users.

2:- Betway

Whilst cross-state sports betting has been histrorically prohibited in the U.S., a 2018 ruling from the Supreme Court means that States are now free to pass their own laws relating to wagering online.

This means that tools like the Betway app are now widely used across many States, with the platform offering access to a huge array of U.S. sports and markets.

In fact, the Betway betting app is home to more than 30,000 betting markets in America, covering a range of sports all the way from basketball to soccer. The good news for sports punters is that the app can also be downloaded through both iOS and Android platforms.

3:- CBS Sports

Similar to ESPN, CBS Sports keeps you updated on everything from personalised scores and statistics to detailed analysis of the latest action.

This app also has a high quality live streaming option for sports events such as the PGA Tour and NCAA Basketball, with this action available to those with a paid subscription.

This app also offers access to popular CBS Sports Radio broadcasts, which is a unique detail and one that provides an extra dimension for free users.

4:- Yahoo Sports

Next up is the Yahoo Sports app, which is equipped with a number of great features and detailed articles that offer a unique level of insight across an array of different disciplines.

Beyond this, you’ll have access to the very latest stories, stats and sports calendars through the Yahoo app, which also boasts extensive coverage of the NHL, NBA, NACAR, NCAA and the MLS.

Soccer fans should also note that this app offers detailed coverage of the sports major competitive, including the so-called “Big five” leagues on the continent and the European Champions League.

5:- theScore

We complete our list with theScore app, which is renowned for its real-time game updates and cutting edge analysis.

Interestingly, theScore also outshines rival apps with its detailed events calendar, which enables users to track upcoming games, seek out the latest results and review key performance statistics (this is particularly important if you happen to be a sports’ bettor).

We’d say that this app goes into an unusual level of debt when discussing key performance stats, whilst the personalised notifications are also second to none.

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