Samsung Omnia W Vs Nokia Lumia 710: Which Should be Your First Windows Phone?

Updated October 6, 2023

Nokia Lumia 800 has made the average smartphone user take notice of Windows as a serious mobile operating system. But has the  Nokia Lumia range  posed serious threat to the already established Samsung Omnia W? Has Nokia Lumia 710  priced (priced at Rs 13,779) lower than Samsung Omnia W (priced at Rs 15,999), tipped the game in favor of Nokia? How do the two  match up against each other?

Beauties with a beautiful brain

The first thing that you notice about the two phones is their sheer presence. Lumia 710 is a marginally larger phone ( 119 x 62.4 x 12.5 mm, against Omnia’s 115.6 x 58.8 x 10.9 mm) but it is still appealing to the eye and wieldy to the hand. Lumia 710 is also marginally heavier than Omnia by 10 gms but its probably intended to give it a solid feel.

Similar 1.4 GHz processors and 512 MB Ram powering them make these two mobiles at par with each other. This would be a real dilemma for the specification conscious. The Nokia Lumia 710 has  vibrant looks with multiple colour options thanks to its plastic body and is great for fun loving people . The metallic Omnia W on the other hand means business with its look.

The Display Dilemma

Video display is also a case of contention between the two phones. Both the models sport a 3.7 inch display but the Samsung phone comes with a Super AMOLED screen and Nokia’s with a TFT CBD Gorilla Glass. Samsung’s AMOLED display provides clear vivid colours and images look lively however it does not live up to the promise under bright light conditions. On the other hand, Nokia scores with its display that comes at par with Lumia 800. You don’t need to use your second hand in bright sunlight to see the screen thanks to the  Clear Black technology.  The dilemma? Would I go for clear rich display of the Super AMOLED or for the light friendly Clear Black ? We recommend users ponder on where they are more likely to be more with their phone.

The question of two

Lumia as well as Omnia both come with a 5 MP camera with LED flash. This although low in the general regard, does support video recording at 720p in both the models.  While pictures don’t brag all the sharpness, even the 720p recording seems to have been installed only to gain some points on the score-sheets than actually deliver with performance. But even when the Nokia Lumia 710 does not have a secondary camera, Samsung Omnia W stands taller here with a secondary VGA camera.

The Traveler’s Choice

If you are someone who engages in heavy travel and listen to your music during your journey, Memory, Mobility and Battery are your biggest concerns.  Memory for both the phones do equally well with 8GB memory without an option to expand.  Both phones disappoint you in this regard. It is difficult to imagine a premium end smartphone without the option to add unlimited games, music and movies . Giant inbuilt storage and expandable memory are a prerequisite these days.

Both the models have connectivity options as Wifi, GPS and blue tooth however,  the Lumia 710 gives you a tri-band 3G option compared to Omnia’s dual band 3G, this may matter to those who travel internationally.

Perhaps the most significant factor could be their battery lives. In this regard too, the two models are roughly similar ; Nokia claims 7 hours 40minutes of talk-time on 3G against Samsung’s  claim of 7 hours talk-time on 3G.  For a traveler, this may be the deciding factor. Nokia Lumia 710 does help the traveler stay connected for longer duration and at more places than Samsung Omnia W.

The Wow Factor of In house Apps

Where Nokia Lumia 710  really comes through for the Windows phone aspirant is its  unique Nokia applications such as  Nokia Drive , a turn by turn voice guided navigation tool with inbuilt 3D maps. Nokia Maps comes with 50 languages. Nokia Music an integral part of Nokia Lumia 710 provides for local music experience. Listen to music on the go with no additional charges. Contact Transfer is also a great app . Samsung Omnia W comes with apps like Samsung’s news and weather app Now, Samsung’s RSS feed app RSS Times which lets you subscribe to blogs updates etc in real time and other important apps such as Video Call(3G), Photo Studio) and  Wireless Manager. Clearly Nokia’s nifty Apps add great value to its cheaper offering  with its brilliant in house Apps.


The two phones, Nokia Lumia 710 and the Samsung Omnia W carry great promise for the Windows phone aspirant. Lumia  710  is slightly better built, better suited for Travelers and with niftier applications. The price tags too do justice to their packages with both the phones being marked under Rs 20000 in India. If you are looking for the smartphone for your video conferences and for a brilliant display, Samsung Omnia W would be a better choice. Nokia Lumia 710 may not really rock the boat of the Omnia Fans, but it would certainly make a wonderful purchase for its promising offers.

Author Bio:- My name is Sitakanta Ray. I am the Co-founder of MySmartPrice is a price comparison website that helps you find the best price for mobile phone, smartphone, books , cameras and many more.

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  • pradip pati

    samsung omina w is a great phone.but itsmemory storage has dissapinted me

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