Pros and Cons of Tumblr for Businesses

Updated October 6, 2023

Tumblr may be popular for its cat memes, but that isn’t all it’s good for. Tumblr’s simplicity and keyword searches make it exciting for small and large businesses. There is a reason that IBM, Alexander McQueen, and the Economist use Tumblr.

But can Tumblr cut it for businesses looking to make a profit? Below is a list of pros and cons business professionals should consider before switching to the popular social media site.


Signing Up is Easy: Anyone can sign up on Tumblr. If you don’t have HTML skills, Tumblr offers both creative and professional themes for little to no cost. You can choose your site’s look without having any web design skills.

Searching is Easy: While your website won’t always show up in Tumblr’s random searches, you can improve the probability by adding a ton of related keywords. If you run a vintage clothing store, tagging “vintage,” “fashion,” “clothes,” and “antiques” guarantees more ways to find your blog.

Viewing is Easy: Facebook has a newsfeed.  Tumblr has a dashboard.  Tumblr patrons can easily view the latest activity on their favorite blogs.


Little Control: You are dependent on Tumblr. If Tumblr goes down (which happens about every month for a few minutes), your site goes down. However, you can rest assured that these crashes don’t last long.

Fewer Sales: The cause of infrequent sales may result from the lack of an integrated shopping cart. However, you do have options (such as Coexist Digital) for integrating your own shopping cart feature onto your blog.

Less Long-Term Visitors: Since your blog post fits in with everybody else’s on a user’s dashboard, you have very little time to make an impression. That’s why images, videos, and other instant gratifiers are so important.

Tumblr might be the “It” site right now, but does it offer what your business needs? Before you switch over completely, try a Tumblr trial run. Keep your regular website running, and make your final decision after a quarter of Tumblr usage.

Author Bio:- Guest author Jessica Velasco works for a local marketing firm.  She is currently helping some clients evaluate the pros and cons of Tumblr for their business needs.  Jessica might be helping move the blog about HCG injections for Trim Nutrition and the blog about Tampa hair loss treatment for Haarklinikken to Tumblr.

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