Most Twittered Google SERPs Checkers This Week

Updated October 6, 2023

Tracking search engine results is inevitable to estimate every SEO effort you take. Since the main search engine is Google, I’m going to review you some Google SERPs Checkers most twittered this week.

Keyword Battle by WebSeoAnalytics


A playful and effective SERPs checker that helps:

  • Quickly discover if a website ranks for targeted keywords in 3 major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing;
  • Check your keywords’ rankings and compare the results with your competitors’ ones;
  • Automatically identifies the domain name and projects all the results that are found, saving you from the necessity to specify the exact URL;
  • Get targeted results by selecting the exact version of the SE in the country of your choice;
  • Customize your reports, extract them to PDF, CSV and print them (available for registered members);
  • Keep a full history of your previous reports and view the changes through the time (for registered members).

Registration Fee: Free

Google SERPs Checker by EasySeoTracking

easy seo tracking

A simple and fast Google SERPs Checker lets:

  • Enter multiple domains and keywords;
  • Check your and competitor’s positions in the Google search engine;
  • Track site progress providing ranking history in handy graph form;
  • Track site progress by getting daily, weekly or monthly email reports (for registered members);
  • Track Up To 50 Keywords Per Account and 20 sites (for registered members);

Registration Fee: $5.95 as a one-time payment

SEO Cockpit

seo cockpit

A set of tools to automatically monitor and track SEO Stats:

  • Provides information on where your rankings are at for all your keywords, as well as other SEO parameters like backlinks, pages indexed, traffic, etc.;
  • § Gives you detailed reports about SEO performance on a daily or monthly basis;
  • § Alerts you when your search engine rankings rise or fall.

Registration Fee: from $10 to $80 a month


Not sure which Google SERPs Checker is the best choice for you? There is only one thumb of rule: play around with each service using your keywords and websites, and then decide on the one which suits your needs and purse best. And do not forget to tweet about this.


  • Lakhyajyoti

    It’s totally new for me.Surely I’ll check this.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    I haven’t used any of this Google SERP checkers. Will give it a try now.

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