MiPony- Download Files From RapidShare In New Way

Updated October 6, 2023

Although there are a lot of free applications available for RapidShare. Previously i shared some useful free rapidshare tools and applications, that helps in downloading files from rapidshare. Today i want to share another useful application that can be use to download files directly from rapidshare, megaupload, depositfiles, filefactory, hotfile and from all other popular file hosting websites. You can download unlimited files from rapidshare and from all these websites for free using the below application.

MiPony is a browser integrated download manager with Add-ons and Toolbar that helps in downloading files from all popular file hosting websites including Rapidshare. There is no need to have premium accounts, you can still download files for free. However if you have premium account then you can still download files from Rapidshare, hotfiles etc using Mipony download manager.

Simply copy the URL of the file you want to download from any file hosting website in MiPony, and right click on it. Click on “Download” button and it will start downloading the file directly. No need to wait for timer, no need to open several pages. MiPony will start downloading the file with maximum available speed.

mipony rapidshare downloadAs you can see in the above screen shot, that it has started downloading a file and you can see all the details there. The speed is quite good as compare to other download managers. This is completely a new way to download files from rapidshare and other file hosting websites. A must try download manger for all of you, don’t forget to post your feedbacks about this application.

Download MiPony


  • atifaslam

    @Chand It started downloading from the beginning when it reconnects

  • Atifaslam@ There is no need to hit any button, it will automatically pause the file, and will start it again when you connect to internet.

  • atifaslam

    @Chand There is no pause button available. How you do it?

  • Atifaslam@ Resume feature is available. I tried it.

  • atifaslam

    Hi, Resume feature available in this application or not?????

  • Digital Imagination

    Cool tip………

    It really worked and i enjoyed trying out from here……….

  • Wow, amazing. I will give it a try and hope it works well.
    Thanks very much.

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