A Short Guide To Take Care of Laptop Charger

Updated October 6, 2023

When a teenager gets admission in a college, his first demand from his parents might be a laptop. He knows very well the importance of a laptop for his work assignments and also for entertainment. But he rarely knows how to take care of a laptop to use it for a long time.

In this regard, if you ask a question to a teenager, his answer will be, “yes I know very well about fixing various problems related to laptops.” He might be talking about keeping a laptop safe from malwares and fixing small problems such as laptop hanging. But apart from that, there is another thing that needs attention of the teenager, who is eager to buy a laptop. And it is its charger.

The agony is that a few students know importance of their laptop’s adaptor. They use it recklessly such as leaving the charger connected with the electric board for a long time and place it at unsafe places from where it can easily fall and get smashed. Maybe, they do this unknowingly.

It is important to make them aware of the fact that the laptop charger is as important as the laptop itself is for them. If you want to use your laptop for long, you do need to take care of your charger as well.

What Precaution do you need to take?

First of all, store it in a safe place. No doubt you have given a small room to your laptop in your congested bookshelf. So, there is also a need to give a small corner for its charger too. Avoid keeping it near the room heater and near the AC. Too cold and hot can render the charger defunct.

The second thing is to use it only till when the laptop is fully charged. After that, it’s better to unplug the charger cord from the electric board and your laptop. If you unplug the charger from your laptop, but avoid unplugging it from the electric board, it may deteriorate its performance.

The third thing is to carry the charger safely. Purchase a laptop bag that allows you to carry the charger in its front pocket. If you carry the laptop in the frontpocket and the charger in the back pocket, it may harm its adaptor. Remember, laptop battery chargers are delicate items. Heavy laptop can smash it and make it disabled.

The last but not the least thing is to purchase a laptop charger carefully. A charger lifespan is shorter than its laptop. You may need to buy 2-3 chargers through the period your laptop keeps working.

Try to purchase a good quality charger. You may purchase it online to get a greater discount on your purchase. Ensure to purchase the charger that fits to your laptop. It may be possible that only cords are not working. In this case, you just need to change its cords.

The conclusion of the blog is that students who have a strong desire to buy a laptop should pay attention to each part of it—whetherit’s the adaptor or the cords. So, will you take these things in your mind?

Author Bio:- The author is tech savvy and love to spread awareness on everything related to gadgets, even if it is as petty as an adapter.

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