LiteManager 4.8 – Gain Remote Access to Your PC Through an Internet Connection

Updated October 6, 2023

LiteManager Remote Access PC

LiteManages is a well-known system that gives users remote control over their computers in real-time. The latest 4.8 update to this handy controlling system includes all the advantages of the previous versions, allowing you to have a full remote administration over your PC and its technical support. You can manage your desktop and all its processes, access any file in the system and control many services.

The new version LiteManager 4.8 gets a free Android app, letting you manage your device from smartphones or tablets. It is now fully compatible with Windows 10 OS, as well as with Linux and Mac OS. A free version is available for 30 desktop computers and can be used for personal or business purposes.

In order to make using LiteManager more comfy and affordable for companies, its creators included a HelpDesk licensing feature into the new version. It is based on the number of connections and allows managing an unlimited number of devices. What makes it more attractive is the price – it’s far lower than any of the alternatives. Thus, you can purchase the standard license for one computer for just $7 or the HelpDesk license for an unlimited number of computers for $300.

The software allows users to set their own corporate support service. All they need is their own server system to gain remote access to computers.

LiteManager 4.8 includes a screen demo functionality. You can easily replace the projector with it to organize a distance learning process and manage and control students during computer class sessions. With 50% discount that the maker offers to all education institutions, anyone can make the process of learning more effective for their students.

LiteManager combines ease of use with high quality of software. Even with the free version, you can manage your file system, record your screen when you need it and perform a full support for your desktop or for 30 PC’s. Download the LiteManager 4.8 remote support tools here.

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  • Lite manager 4.8 is really very good with new features. thank you for sharing.

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