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Updated October 6, 2023

It is often difficult to promote a brand with just its name. You need to tell your potential customers, about the services you can provide them. A speech about your services can be very interesting for your employees, but it won’t attract any customers. You need to create an interesting video which not only attract your customers, but also tells them about the details of the products and services you can provide.

In this post, I am going to introduce you to an awesome online service named, that lets you create a stunning promo video for your business within a few minutes.

An Intro to MakeWebVideo

MakeWebVideo is an online video maker service that can help you create stunning videos promoting your business and your brand. This service allows you to choose a template and create a custom promo video for your business. This help you connect with more customer and in turn generate more revenue.

Why Should I use MakeWebVideo

If you go out to find for a professional designer and ask him to create a video for your business, he is probably going to charge you around 500-1000$. Your business might be a start up and may not want to invest so much money for just a promo video.
MakeWebVideo solves this problem of limited budget, and helps you get a professional promo video for your business for around 25$ to 99$. If you compare it with market rates, it’s just 10% of what other services are charging you, but when it comes to quality of service, MakeWebVideo is much better. There are two reasons, why I consider MakeWebVideo to be the best way for creating promo video for your business. They are as follows:-

Choose Your Video Template

Many designers would only offer you a few 3 to 5 templates for your business video, but MakeWebVideo offers you 70+ Video templates to chose from.

Video Maker


MakeWebVideo have a team of professional designer who are working day and night and increasing the number of video templates available on a regular basis. These templates are designed in such a way that you can cover each and every detail of your business using them.

Customize the Video, the Way You Want

After selecting one of the templates, you can customize it the way you want. You can change images in the Video, You can add text describing your video. You can even add you own business theme music to the video you are creating. You can tailor the video to fit all your needs.

Some Cool Features of MakeWebVideo

  • No Technical Knowledge required
  • Try it, Like it and then Pay for it
  • Reasonable price
  • Customize your video by adding images, text description and music
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Host Your Videos for free
  • Option to Download your video in multiple resolutions and multiple formats
  • Fast Interface and Easy to use

Pricing and Customer Support

You can create a professional video for your business by just paying 25 to 99$. MakeWebVideo offers an amazing customer support. You can contact them anytime via the contact on on their website or using email id: [email protected]


MakeWebVideo is an awesome online service to create corporate video online for you business. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use this service and you need to pay only when you like the video you created. In case you are not satisfied with your video, you can avail the money back guarantee. Try it now, and give a boost to your marketing campaign.

This article is written by Kunal Ganglani. He writes about cool tech tips and tricks at KGTricks Tech Blog.

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