List of 21 Best AI Content Detector Tools – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

As AI-generated data is replacing human-generated content to a larger extent, it is crucial to have the best AI content detector tools and content protection system. Over time, AI content creator tools are improving in terms of their features which makes it difficult to detect fake content.

Therefore many brands struggle to find the most efficient AI content detector tool while maintaining the validity of the digital world. However, by using AI content detection, we can defeat these systems while maintaining authority of our digital world..

The integrity of the data we produce and ingest is maintained by detection systems that recognize and report AI-generated material. To make things easy for you, we have made a list of the 21 best AI content detector tools given below.

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What are AI Content Detector Tools?

An AI content detector is a technology that analyzes the predictability of AI-written stuff. It assists the viewer in distinguishing between human-generated and internet-generated content. The fake content can be assessed easily by these tools.

Although the results may not always be accurate but you can search any content in different AI Content Detector tools to get accurate results.

List of Top 21 Best AI Content Detection Tools

1. Writer – AI Content Detector

Writer AI Content Detector Tool

Writer is the first tool we are going to discuss today. It is one of the most used AI content detector tools used by millions of users. It is available for free on the internet and is accessible to anyone on Earth.

The writer displays a detection result in percentage or proportion. If you require assistance, they have a dedicated support services staff.

The single search limit is 1500 characters.

2. Copyleaks

Copyleaks AI Content Detection Tool

Copyleaks is a basic detector for AI content. This is a free service that can detect a broad range of AI-driven content. You can also install a Chrome Extension that detects it on sites you visit. When you land on the page, you’ll know precisely what to do because the interface is user-friendly. It also provides a copyright detector tool on the website.

There is no words/characters limit.

3. Kazan SEO

Kazan SEO AI Content Detection

Kazan SEO is an all-in-one SEO AI content detector tool. This requires Signup before using any of its tools

Aside from AI detection, this useful technology includes a content generator, keyword discovery tool, backlink crawler and email outreach and finder.

If you require more than just AI detection, Kazan SEO is the best choice because of its magnificent set of SEO tools.

The tool has no limit. You can scan complete article.

4. Content at Scale’s AI Detector

Content at Scale AI Tool

Content at Scale’s AI Detector is another AI content detector tool added to our list. It can detect content when it is produced by artificial intelligence or GPT-3.

It also provides the user with a built-in detector. It breaks the content originality score down into other significant components.

It has 25000 characters limit. You can split your content accordingly to check the whole article for AI detection.

5. HuggingFace

HuggingFace AI Detector Tool

The next AI content detector tool included in the list of best AI content detection tools is HuggingFace. It is known as the home of machine learning. Top-notch companies use HuggingFace for its extraordinary features. It includes a free AI detection tool.

All a user has to do is put their content into the assigned area, and it will tell them where their content rates on a “fake” to “original” scale. It has no limit on number of words.characters you can scan.

6. Originality.AI

Originality AI Content Detector Tool

This AI content detector tool gives the user control over the uniqueness of their material.

Because AI writers obtain the majority of their information straight from other posts on the internet, the likelihood of plagiarism is quite high. Site owners can have the best content without losing money and time by using this detector tool.

It is Paid Service and provides very accurate results. You are charged $0.01 per credit for 100 words.


WillieAI Content Scan is one of the most effective AI content detectors which offers a specific solution by rapid and precise detection of  AI-generated stuff. It gives you a way to keep a watch on your website. Complete domain checking is allowed here and it costs the user nothing. Its has no plagiarism detection tool but the AI detection work perfectly.

Requires login to scan any content. Signup is Free.

8. GLTR (Glitter)

GLTR (Glitter) Content Detection

GLTR is the next detector tool we are going to talk about. It stands for “Giant Language Model Test Room”. It is a detection tool that employs baseline statistical methods to detect fake content.

GLTR colour-codes each word in a post to determine how likely it is to appear in that place in a sentence. For example, a word that is rated among the top ten is highlighted in green, yellow is specified for the top hundred and red is for the top thousand. The purple colour shows the rest of the words purple.

Update: This tool was developed in 2009 and works well with ChatGPT 2. For other versions you can use any of the other too.

9. GPT Zero

GPTZero AI Content Detector Tool

GPT Zero is mostly used by educators. Businesses can also this user-friendly detector for AI content. It is used by millions of people all over the world. There is a basic Try it Out button in which you just have to put the content and the rest is done by the tool. Overall, this is an easy and fast means to check your material, but various platforms have more complex offerings than GPT. It is included in the list of best AI content detector tools.

10. Sapling

Sapling AI Detector

Sapling is a famous tool for AI detection which can only evaluate fifty words at a time. It can detect ChapGPT-generated material. In comparison to most other content recognition tools, this requires a lower word count.

The most enjoyable aspect is that the tool highlights AI-generated content in red. It also gives a percentage of fraudulent material overall

It has 2000 characters limit per query. However, after sign up you have 8000 characters limit per query.

11. Corrector

Corrector AI Tool

Authors use the Corrector App to spot typos in their writings. The Corrector App now includes a new AI content detection tool to supplement its existing powers.

This fewer-known AI content detector tool is available for free to all users. The tool needs at least of three-hundred words. The app’s overall experience is limited due to the unlimited appearance of advertisements.

600 words per query is the current limit.

12. Crossplag

Crossplag Best AI Content Detector Tool

Crossplag provides the user with a specific area to put the content and then you have to click the button to check it for AI detection. It will provide an overall evaluation of the content’s authenticity.

The tool includes a thermometer scale graphic to indicate how much of the material is real and how much is fake. If the thermometer remains green most of the content is human-generated but the movement towards the right side indicates artificially generated content.

Currently it has no word limit per query.

13. GpTRadar

GPTRadar AI Tool

It is one of the most efficient tools for AI content detection. It can evaluate written material to determine whether it was created by a machine or a human author.

Its advantage is to provide a visual representation, highlights your material and show any potential AI-generated sentences. Its inaccurate accuracy is its disadvantage.

The scoring method may not provide parts of AI content that you can edit and correct. It has limit of 2000 characters per query for free users. Paid has no limit.

14. CheckForAI

CheckforAI Content Detector

CheckForAI is one of the best AI content detection tools which improves the AI content detector’s accuracy by using extra custom models. It helps to restrict false readings. CheckForAI is thus the most accurate AI tool you can ever conceive of.

You can examine a history of previous file submissions. It also assigns each text a risk score.

Requires signup.

15. Stealth AI Writer Content Detector

Stealth AI Content Detector Tool

This is paid Content Creator tool and has builtin AI Content detection tool as well. Since its algorithm uses different techniques its result for AI content detection is accurate as compare to others. Apart from AI content detection it has wordpress plugin that can be integrated in a blog for automation.

16. AIDetector Pro

AIDetector Pro

Using the PoemOfQuotes (Now AIDetector.Pro) text detector, you can swiftly extract Fake text from your short-form material. You can check large amounts of data by subscribing to the premium version.

It can easily detect AI-generated content and the material produced by GPT-2 & GPT-3. It is Paid Tool.

17. Grover – Fake News Detector

Grover - Fake News Detector

Grover AI is an innovative novel bot AI that can detect false content generated by AI. It is one of the best AI tools for content detection which can label a piece of news as fake.

Machine-generated material is detected by the tool. It can detect dangerous content sent from various platforms. It doesn’t need rocket science to operate it.

But it does offer a low level of accuracy. It is available for free and premium versions are also available to the user.

18. OpenAI Text Classifier

ChatGPT Open AI Content Detector Tool

Update: This tool by is discontinued. Read more.

The next tool on the list of AI tools for content detection is the AI text classifier developed by the ChatGPT Team. It is the most recent tool added to the list of various other Best AI content detector tools.

It promotes discussion about the difference between human-written and AI-generated content. It should not be used as the sole indicator of whether something was created by AI or not because it can confuse original and fake content.

19. INK Suite AI Content Shield

INK Suite AI Content Shield

INK Suite is an all-in-one AI tool for content detection. It’s included in the list of the best AI content detection tools. It serves as an optimizer for SEO. Keyword evaluation and AI image assistant are important features offered by this AI content detection tool.

The best part is that this function detects plagiarism, so you don’t need to use third-party tools. It is a Paid tool.

20. Winston AI

Winston AI Content Detection

As the AI Content Generator tools are now growing at much faster speed, it has become inevitable to have a strong content protection system. Winston AI has a strong protection system for Content Creators, Education Institutes and Web Publishers. It is a user-friendly AI content detector tool. It can recognize plagiarism including AI Content in any writing material.

It can evaluate data in various file formats. You can also analyze data from PDFs and pictures which is one of its best features.

The Free Account Requires Signup and you cans can upto 2000 words per query. The Paid Plan allows you to scan upto 80,000 words per query.

21. ZeroGPT


ZeroGPT is the most trusted, reliable and accurate AI detector tool to detect text that is generated by ChatGPT, GPT-4 or any AI model. ZeroGPT highlights all the sentences that are written by AI and provides a gauge with a percentage of the AI.

In addition to the AI detector, ZeroGPT offers a Word counter, AI Summarizer, AI paraphraser, AI Chatbot ChatZero-5, AI Grammar and Spell checker, Citation Generator.


Now that you have got all information regarding the 20 best AI content detector tools in 2023, you must elect one for yourself. It is essential for any company that has a journal on its website.

AI content detector tools can help businesses increase their production of quality content by distinguishing between fake and real content.

FAQs for Best AI Detector Tools

1. How do the Ai content detection tools work?

AI content detection tools work by utilizing language models identical to those used by search engines. In this way, it provides the users with a score based on how “man-like” the content seems to search engines.

2. Does the AI Detection Tool provides 100% accurate result?

No it is not guaranteed that the result will always be accurate. It is always advised to check the content in multiple tools to get rough idea about the content.

3. What are the best AI Detection Tools?

The list above contain some of the best tools available online. With the passage of time more tools will also emerge but current these are the industry leader and you can safely say that these are the best tools.

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