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Reasons to Choose a .Org Domain Name

After the recent policy changes to Blogger Blogs, where in all Indian Blogspot Blogs got a domain name change from xyz.blogspot.com to xyz.blogspot.in I decided that it was time to go for a custom domain name as any of the backlinks I would get from then on would be split between various country specific versions of my Blog and hence make it very difficult to achieve respectable Search Engine Rankings.While conducting my research about How to Chose a domain name, what extension to use Etc, I can safely say that I learnt a lot about Domain Names. After all this research I decided to go with a .Org domain name, TechGau.Org.

Here are some of the Reasons why I ended up choosing a .Org Domain Name.(I have also briefed up a few points on my blog.)

Respect and Trust

I realized that a .Org domain claims respect and trust from the user as most people feel safe to operate on a website that has an extension of .Org.This extension also gives people the message that you are not all about making money, but also concentrate on user experience, good quality content Etc.

Since I run a Tech Blog, there was no way I would have chosen a domain extension such as .biz as it would give my readers a wrong message that I only care about making money from the website.Hence lose some Respect ant Trust.

SEO Factor

A .Com or .Net has no clear advantage over a .Org when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, but a .Org does have a clear advantage over country specific domains such as .in or .co.uk etc.

Many websites in your niche may be more willing to give a link back to your website when you have a .Org extension due to the reasons stated in the first point, Respect and Trust.This will definitely increase your SERPs and Google Page Rank in the long term.

A Little More Unique

There are literally millions of .Com Domains out there, but far less .Org domains, this is probably because of the .Com bubble in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s.This means that with a .Org domain you get a more unique look towards your website.

Many may feel that people are more inclined towards typing in yourwebsite.com rather than yourwebsite.org, well you can easily solve this case by 301 permanent re-directing the direct traffic that yourwebsite.com gets.This should not be a problem as the Domain Names come very cheap these days.

More Freedom of Choosing Domain Names

.Com Domains are getting exhausted very fast.If you do not get a good domain name that you want with a .Com Extension, then you should probably go for a .Org instead of settling for a much less satisfactory .Com Domain name.

.Org still has a few decent domain names left to go after, so you have more freedom of choosing domain names.


This is not something that many have a vested interest in but I am going to put across this point anyway.Domain names that end with .Org have a much better chance at getting a Donation from their users than a .Com or .Info or any other type of Domain Extensions.

People are more inclined to donating to a website if it has a .Org or .Edu or .Gov as a domain extension.

Many Popular Blogs Use .Org

As you guys may have come across, many top bloggers use .Org for their domain name.Here are some examples –


These are just some of the famous .Org websites, I have not even included sites like Wikipedia.So do not think that .Org sites are for Charity Institutions or Non-profit organizations only, they can be used by anyone and for any purpose.So why not give .Org a try?