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Wiki DoFollow List

Update:- Although the website mention below is removed, but I have uploaded list of 50+ high quality dofollow wiki list for you. You can download the list here. [It is an Excel file]

Wiki DoFollow is a new site which launched this week that is already becoming the largest, most up to date list of dofollow sites. It is a wiki-based website which allows anyone to log in and maintain the massive list of comment friendly sites. There are numerous dofollow list on the web, but unfortunately, these lists get out dated and many of the sites on the lists are either not active any longer or now have moved to “NoFollow” links. With a community contributed list like Wiki DoFollow, it will not only ensure that the list reaches the maximum number of dofollow sites available, but will also provide the purist list possible.Related Entries

The site is divided into multiple categories, making it easy to find the subject in which you would like to follow.

[Website is no more available]

The list is also organized in order of importance by PR and Alexa ratings making it easy to review the list.

To update a page, it is the same as you would update a Wikipedia page, very fast and very easy for anyone to do without any programming knowledge.

Visit the DoFollow List [This website is no more available]

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