Kisai RPM LED Watch – Outstanding Design by TokyoFlash

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you love watches? Of course you do but what about an art embedded inside an watch. Would you like a watch where the time is only known to you and no one else can tell the time because of the way it is presented.

Hold on because these are watches that you might have not seen before. It is like the type of watches wear by the FBI agents in movies.

Here is the screenshot of the Kisai RPM LED Watch I own.

Kisai RPM LED Watch

Inside the watch there are lights and only the lights of the particular hour and minute will blink when you press the button to see the time. There are certain instructions in the manual which will help you to understand the current time in the watch. Without the instructions you will not be able to tell the time.

It is quite easy than when you read the instructions. However for the others it will be extremely difficult to tell the time in your watch.

This watch is named “Kisai RPM LED” and is designed by the There are several other designs you can select from. For example have a look on some of the designs below.

TokyoFlash Watches

About Kisai RPM LED

This watch comes with a USB charger and screw driver. You can easily charge the battery of the watch by plugging the USB cable in your laptop or computer. The materials used in the watches are of extremely high quality.  The curved, smoked lens that runs around the edge of the disc creates a subtle reflection before you touch the button to illuminate the rings of digital tube LEDs that display the time.

The watch support the water resistance of 3ATM and comes with 1 Year Warranty.

The watch is available in Black+Green and Black+Blue LED. A golden might also be available since I got mine in Golden+Red LED.

Overall Kisai RPM LED is great concept used in a watch and the material used are just awesome. It really looks cool on hands and specially when you press the button to see the time it looks more attractive.

If you are looking to get an similar watch then visit to get one now. Here is the direct link to the Kisai RPM LED Watch.

If you have any question let me know in comments.

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