Jinni – New URL Shortener and Social Analytics Platform Launches Internationally

Updated October 6, 2023

In order to give competition to the likes of Market Giants i.e. bit.ly and TinyURL, a new URL Shortener which goes by the name of Jinni has launched on the worldwide web. Just like its competitors, Jinni caters the demands of small-scale business owners and marketers who were looking for a link shortener outside the status quo.

While it will do the work of an ordinary link shortener, one thing that seperates Jinni from its competitors is its ability to be used as a social media intelligence tool. For example, if you want to share a single post on more than one Social networks, Jinni offers you that freedom free of cost. Moreover, you could also change the caption of that post on each Social Media website.

Jinni New URL Shortener

For example, if you want the same post to be published on Facebook and Twitter at the same time – but with different captions, Jinni offers you that service.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages of Jinni, it also offers a service with the name of “hashtag recommendation”. As suggested by its name, this tool will auto-search the hashtags that are related to the link of your post.

As a result, the effectiveness, as well as the reach of your post, would increase manifolds. Thus, you won’t have to put a Caption as Jinni would automatically search the hashtags on the basis of the link of the article.

The Twitter user knows that the selection of the right hashtag is critical if you want to increase the reach of your posts. For example, as World T20 is going on nowadays, Twitter warlords have launched #WT20 hashtags which contain all the information regarding that event.

Therefore, if your link is related to a Specific Match Preview of the English Premier League, it will display more than 20 hashtags relevant to the link. You could select the most appropriate hashtag from the given list.

Thus, by providing the users with a list of hashtags, Jinni not only increases the reach of the post but also saves the users a lot of time which they would have otherwise spent in searching the right hashtags.

Also, if you’re feeling unwell to think of a unique caption relating to your post, Jinni will come to your help as it offers the service of Generated Captions. These captions will be generated on the basis of the Content of your link, as per Jinni’s official web page.

However, while they look like the same, there is a key difference between the Generated Captions and Recommended hashtags. The Captions will be generated on the basis of the Content of the article. Hashtags, as indicated earlier in this post, will be recommended on the basis of the Link of the article.

One of the biggest advantages of using Jinni is that it has no premium services. Whether you’re using it in the form of a link shortener or you order it to recommend hashtags, all the services that are indicated on its manual are given absolutely free by Jinni.

Lara Bezzecchi, one of the prominent users of Jinni who is also the Head Editor of DesignBest, gives Jinni the much-deserved applaud in the following words …

“We have been using Jinni for tracking our shared content online and are impressed with its ease of use and advanced capabilities. The hashtag recommendation tool has saved us a tremendous amount of time and we’re pleased with the enhanced exposure it gives us across social media.”

One of the notable services of Jinni includes giving the analytics for the links. The analytics are similar to that of the Google AdSense as they indicate the performance of the link, the number of impressions on any particular post, Cost per click and the distance that link has travelled on the worldwide web.

For example, if you don’t know from where the clicks on your website are coming from, Jinni would give you the whereabouts of your customers. This information would help you to decide which kind of content is getting the most recognition from the General Public. As a result, you could design your site to meet the demands of your customers.

However, just in case, you don’t want to visit the website, the manufacturers of Jinni have also introduced its Chrome Extension.

“We are excited to be introducing Jinni to the market,” said Roberto Negro, CEO and founder of Jinni.  “We saw a need to offer small businesses and marketers access to a tool that is free of charge, yet still offers some of the web’s most advanced social intelligence.”

“By getting a custom view into the performance of links, companies and individuals can accurately track who is exposed to their content and better understand the journey of their content, their customers and other key target audiences.”

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    The services it provides are really interesting. Really helpful for the persons who can’t afford money for this kind of services. Thanks for sharing.

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