How to Get Your Money to Work for You?

Updated October 6, 2023

Sometimes it seems that all we do is work to live, the smart way, so we are told, is to learn how to live by making your money work for you. From creating a budget to saving and keeping your debt down, there are so many ways you can achieve this for yourself. Investing has become widely available; online trading Is easier than ever, thanks to an effective sharing of information and resources. So, here’s a quick low down on how to get your money working for you in the best way possible.


Passive Income Streams

The idea behind the passive income stream is minimal work and regular money in. These tend to be things like side hustles and other gigs that take place around your day to day job. For example, investing in real estate gives you a rental income, but if invested correctly, not only pays off your mortgage but gives you some leftover to do as you wish. There are many side businesses like third party retailing, that you can set up and pretty much leave to do its thing, especially if you are not holding stock but merely acting as an introducer to the order. Amazon Associates is one such programme, and there are plenty of other affiliates out there where the input on your behalf is very little and yet can be incredibly successful at yielding an income. Some people find success with peer to peer lending schemes, where someone seeking a loan is matched with a party who has money to invest. Like any loan scheme interest is added, so the lender ends up with a higher return on their investment than if they had done nothing with it.

Stock Market Trading

Trading on the stock market is something many people overlook because they simply don’t think they have the knowledge. However, with online trading, it is easier than ever to get into the stock market, and you really do not need to have loads of capital in order to begin investing. Even a £500 investment is enough to get started, and there are plenty of ways to help you create another almost passive income stream where you can set it up and walk away. Robo advisors use AI technology and can help you decide what you will invest in taking the need for knowledge away from the investor. Alternatively, if you feel safer, you can work with a broker who has experience in their field and will do their best to ensure that your portfolio is making money.

Money to Work

Keep Debt to a Minimum

Although it might seem easy to have things on credit and to owe money, from student loans to credit cards and more, it is actually smarter to take control and keep your burden of debt to a minimum. The longer you take to pay back a credit card, the more you will actually spend on that debt in interest. So, one way to make your money work smarter is to use any spare cash left over at the end of the month to pay extra, over and above the minimum payment, onto any of your debts. It would not be difficult to figure out which one has the highest interest rate, and this is naturally the one that you need to start paying off first.

Have a Budget

Having a budget seems quite depressing, it is natural to feel like you work hard all week and therefore should be able to spend your money without a second thought. However, if you have a budget, you are more in control of your finances and your money is better working for you. The easiest way to have a budget is to break it down into your fixed expenditure, which are things like your rent or mortgage, utility bills, car payments, and other regular monthly costs. Then you can move onto your variable expenses, you may have a rough food budget but maybe have more leeway on that sort of spend, your fuel bill, and other charges that can go up or down. Finally, you can build a list of things that you would like to spend money on providing there is spare cash available. This includes things like dining out, non-essential shopping, and entertainment. Using a budget will help you learn to manage your money better.

Work for Money

High-Interest Savings Account

Years ago, this would have been much higher up the list but sadly is now quite tricky to get a decent amount of interest on your savings. However, things like ISA’s still enable a better rate of saving than a standard account. If you are going to have a substantial amount of money floating around, and do not need immediate access to it, then it is still worth investing in a high-interest savings account. Generally, in order to access the higher rate of savings, there are restrictions on how quickly you can get your money back which is why you need to be confident you will not require immediate access to this money.

Take Advice

Whether you talk to a professional financial advisor or just somebody that has been highly successful in managing their money and created a thriving economic environment for themselves, there is always little point in reinventing the wheel. Before you meet with them, have a think about what you want to learn and make sure you have pertinent questions ready.

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