5 Short URL Expander & Snoopers Tools to Retrieve Original URLs

Updated October 6, 2023

URL Shortened services are now very popular and internet users are using these services for different purposes. Although these services can help you in hiding the original URL of the link, but it can also create troubles for you. For example if the shortened URL is pointing to a harmful website, virus or any other link that can harm your computer. To avoid these problems you will have to check the original URL inside the shortened URL, and if it is ok then you can click on it. There are two available services that will help you in knowing the original URL from shortened URLs.

Before clicking on any shortened URL make sure to check it for malwares and virus. If you found any malware or harmful activities in the link then don’t click on it. Using these services you can easily find that whether the link is pointing to any blog, website, affiliate link, forum or to any social bookmarking sites.

Retrieve Original URL from Shortened URL

1. KnowURL

know shortened url
It support almost all big and popular URL Shortened services. You can simply paste the shortened URL in the search box and KnowURL will retrieve the original URL for you. If the link is fine and there is no malware and virus KnowURL will tell you. Than you can visit the URL, otherwise don’t click on the link it contains any harmful malwares.

2. Sucuri

sucuri url scanner

Sucuri helps you to scan a normal URL for malwares, virus or any other hidden scripts. You can also check shortened URL to know if it is ok or not. Simply paste the shortened URL in the search box and press “Scan” button, it will show you all the available details about the URL.

3. CheckShortURL.com

Check URL Shortners

This will scan the shortened URL and display the actual URL along with its title, description and keywords. This is very useful tool to scan and retrieve the original source before visiting the site.

4. LongURL.org

Expand Short URLs

A perfect tool to avoid malware, affected sites or phishing sites hidden behind short URLs. Just enter the short URL and get all the details inside the website to make sure it is safe or not.

5. GetLinkInfo.com

This tool not only retrieves original URLs from a short but also allows you to view a youtube video before fully viewing it.

Hope you like the post. If you know about any other URL retriever sites do mention in the comments below.



  • Hello,

    There are some other websites that does similar thing 🙂 I use FindHiddenURL.com . I found it to be fast and reliable, but this is just a personal preference.

  • Abhi@ I am glad to hear that knowurl is your service. Great service buddy.
    You are welcome

  • Thank you so much Bilal for writhing about KnowURL. I hope you will like it and mail me any suggestion or feedback.

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