Importance of a Technical Product Manager in SaaS Marketing

Updated October 6, 2023

To understand the importance of a technical product manager in SaaS Marketing, it is required to understand the concept of a Technical PM and SaaS individually.

Who is a Technical Product Manager?

When a product manager focuses more on the technical and development aspects of the business and comes from a strong technical background. A technical PM works more with the engineering team than the sales or the marketing teams of the company. They act as one of the main links between the sales, marketing team and the engineering team, they bridge the gap between the two by translating technical needs to business and vice versa.

Technology Product Managers are usually present only when the team is large enough to support specialization of this kind. And it refers to a product manager with a technical background, it does not refer to a product manager who actually needs to perform those technical tasks, which means they are not developing the product by themselves, they are working on it closely with the software development teams as their technical background gives them a better understanding of the technical needs which later he converts it to business needs to have it fulfilled.

But it is required that they are familiar with those technical aspects as it helps in giving them an in-depth understanding of the software helps the strategize better. It is their responsibility to understand the needs of the customer and convey it as requirements to the development team, they should work with the internal teams to make sure the requirements are understood and also to make sure that it is being implemented. They are also required to follow competitors and make sure they are ahead/at par with them on a regular basis.

They should be able to assess and address/eliminate technical risk and also they should provide internal and external (Customer) training to help everyone make the best out of it.

Technical Product Managers are a huge asset to the Product Management team because of the different perspectives they offer.

SaaS, What is it?

Software as a Service or SaaS is a cloud-based service in which you can access internet applications and data through a web browser without actually having to download and install any external application, it is in the most basic sense, a software delivery method.

SaaS is not to be confused with cloud computing, where cloud computing refers to almost anything that may be hosted, even remotely as SaaS refers to the business-related software applications which are delivered by the cloud.

SaaS Marketing Strategies

The method one uses to market this kind of software as service is called SaaS Marketing.

With SaaS marketing strategies one does not expect ROI in the first month as their main aim is not to make the customer come back, the main is to make them stay as a loyal customer of their product.

And for this, a variety of strategies that go hand in hand are implemented together to make sure the goal of making customers loyal to your product is met.

SaaS Marketing


It cannot be said enough, Content is one of the most important factors that allow potential customers to make an informed decision and having good content helps in retaining the customers, also having transparency regarding the prices help the potential buyer make a decision and it is important that he is charged as much as it was shown on the website and if that fails to happen then you risk losing potential long time customers.

Some more SaaS Marketing Strategies.

  • Using Free Trials to attract customers
  • Improve customer experience
  • Using SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tp generate more leads.
  • Running PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns
  • Creating CTA (Call to Action) so persuade potential customers to sign up.
  • Making the process of signing up an easy one
  • Content Marketing
  • Using E-Mail marketing
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell.

Technical Product Manager in SaaS Marketing

After understanding both the terms individually it is fairly easy to know what roles a Tech PM will have in SaaS marketing.

As the name speaks for itself “Technical” PM and as aforementioned Technical Product Managers are Product Managers with a Science/Engineering background, and the background they come from helps them understand the concept of SaaS and the company’s technology with much depth.

And since SaaS (Software as a Service) is a very technical aspect of the business and is basically holds the business, Technical PMs have an important role to play.

Since Technical Product Managers understand the workings of the software it is their responsibility to close the gap between the engineering team and the sales, marketing teams.

It is up to the Tech PM to communicate with the customer and understand the needs and then analyze the requirements and communicate with the Development/Engineering team and work closely with them on the said product and they also have to communicate with the development team to make sure and convert their technical requirements to business requirements to make sure both the teams run smoothly.

And after working alongside the development team, he has to make sure that he coordinates with the marketing team and the sales team for the product launch.

The presence of a Technical PM is very much important in SaaS marketing strategy as they need to interact with almost all the internal teams in order to coordinate and keep the functioning of the company’s SaaS product smooth and running.

And this proves that having a Technical Product Manager is vital to a SaaS company.

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