How to Use PayPal to Avoid Scams in Online Casinos

Updated October 6, 2023

Keeping safe online is of paramount importance and made even more of a priority in the modern day due to the simple fact that so much of our everyday life takes place on the internet. Among other aspects, a crucial area to ensure your safety online is when it comes to your money and making payments.

The internet is a grand and open landscape where you can purchase goods and make use of services that were out of reach 20 years ago. So, it’s critical that you choose a safe and secure payment method when online, as we demonstrate for shopping here at

One of many places that people in the past have reportedly been swindled out of their money is at some rogue online casinos. While the UK Gambling Commission strictly regulates the industry, some websites can slip through and catch people out. To ensure the safety of your money and that you are playing at a fair casino, recommends that you go with an online casino that allows the use of PayPal due to the service’s heightened security measures and the ability to hide your payment details. The casino review specialist page also points out that PayPal’s mobile app makes payments more convenient for those who prefer to play on the go on their smartphone or tablet.

PayPal keeps your details safe

PayPal Keeps you Safe
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PayPal was co-founded by Elon Musk to be a safe electronic payment system online, as details, eventually selling his creation for $200 million in 2002. Now, PayPal is an eWallet giant and by far one of the most popular electronic payment methods in the UK. PayPal is so big now in 2019 and in the pursuit of growth and improvement that reports that they aim to take over iZettle for £1.7 billion.

The eWallet has become so appealing to those looking to make purchases online because it allows them to keep their payment details safe and private. When you make a payment through PayPal – performed by simply clicking the PayPal icon on a webpage and the logging into your PayPal account – the vendor gets the payment but without seeing any of your details.

By using incredibly secure encryption technology and 24/7 monitoring of transactions, PayPal can ensure that your payment details will remain under lock and key while you make transactions through them online.

PayPal has your back

Avoid PayPal Scam
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If you happen to fall into an online casino scam, PayPal can help you out. We show on our scam protection page,, that if a scammer gets a hold of your PayPal credentials, you can contact the company to report the scam, and they may be able to help alleviate the situation.

Most importantly, they utilise fraud prevention and offer purchase protection around the globe, as shown at, meaning that they’re actively trying to help you avoid scams at websites like online casinos. If the website is legitimate but you feel that you’ve been wronged, they can hold the funds and investigate the issue to resolve the dispute.

Being able to pay with PayPal at an online casino is generally a sign that the online casino can be trusted. If something goes wrong, PayPal can help you sort out the situation. Keeping your money and payment details safe online if of the utmost importance, and using a service like PayPal can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of your money.

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