How to Leverage Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Updated October 6, 2023

Customer Satisfiction

Do you ever wonder what your clients say about your services or products? Would you like to boost customer loyalty and relations? Do you know that great online reviews can enhance your business? In such competitive markets like the current situation, online customer satisfaction surveys can give you the feedback you require to keep your customers happy. You can turn them into advocates in no time.

What is the importance of gathering customer feedback?

Customer satisfaction surveys provide you with the information you require to make appropriate decisions. Research shows that companies which satisfy their customers are more successful than those who don’t meet their customer expectations.

A customer survey will assist you to understand what your clients like and what they don’t. That way, you will have a clear understanding of where to make improvements. For instance, what is your average customer’s view of the price? Is it too high or just right?

How well are your employees handling customer service? Does your client success team understand the evolving needs of your clients? You might even have the chance to ask your customers why they stopped doing business with you. In the process, you might win them back.

Once you have the right information, you can empower employees to attain the milestones as per client needs. When developing a new product or revising a current one, clients will give you priceless information that you can use. Customers will point out problems with the existing products or what they are missing.

How to leverage customer satisfaction surveys

With all the benefits of customer satisfaction assessments, you need to do them right. Understand what should be in your questionnaire and how will you get this information from your clients? Check out these ideas on how to use the information you receive from surveys:

1. Establish the performance of your service or product

Talk to clients who have not used your products in a while. Find out what went wrong, and the steps you can take to win back their trust. You can also use customer feedback to know how your employees are performing and to understand how their roles are linked to client satisfaction.

2. Gather product/ service feedback

Create a questionnaire for clients who have just hired you. Does the blender they just bought from you work as expected? The results are likely to give you helpful insights to help you tackle design flaws and augment product features.

3. Enhance customer experience

Undertaking customer surveys is a good way of driving frequent communication between you and your clients. When you communicate with customers constantly, you remind them about your services and that you care for them. Ask them whether they have any suggestions. Consider giving rewards to customers who answer your surveys.

4. Assess customer loyalty

Surveys will help you discover your most loyal influencers and customers. Such people are known as brand heroes, power users, brand champions or brand loyalists. Whatever you call them, they will help you understand exactly what you are doing right and the things you should start doing. Customers like it when businesses show interest in what they feel.

5. Develop new products

Take time to identify prospects for new products. The customer satisfaction surveys will help you notice the aspects of your services or products that don’t meet their expectations. Work on these aspects.

6. Create performance goals

Now that you have this great information in your hands, you should implement the feedback. Use the data from customer feedback surveys to contact customers and measure your advancement within a given period. Make use of the information you collect to improve customer service and bring in more revenue. Evaluate results over time to gauge your improvement.

7. Carry out market research surveys

For you to grow a new service area, you should ensure that your market addresses the targeted consumer niche. Understand new potent markets by sending an online survey first to understand the demographics like age, income, gender, and hobbies more.

8. Keep your employees engaged

As long as your customer service is excellent, the chances are that you will find and retain customers easily. Give employee commitment precedence. Check in regularly with employees to know what motivates them. Create performance benchmarks, since they can go a long way in ensuring your customers are satisfied.

9. Management reporting

The information you get from the satisfaction questioners will assist the managers to understand the essential metrics and drivers they need to track across roles and departments.

Tips for developing effective customer surveys

Besides using the methodological tools mentioned above, you may also want to follow these ideas when creating great client surveys.

> Be elaborate

Let’s say you are surveying on client satisfaction for a hotel stay. Do not leave room for guessing by asking general questions regarding the details of their visit. Instead, ask precise questions, like if the room service was swift, if the check-in staff was friendly if the bed was comfy if the swimming pool was clear, and so on.

> Ask as many questions as you can

As long as the questions are specific, clients will not have issues answering multiple questions. In fact, they will have an easy time replying to all the queries. If you do this, you will have an easier time analyzing the data. Ask whether the waiter alerted them about the day’s specials. Did the waiter take the client’s order swiftly? Did he answer all your questions? Did he coordinate the timing of the courses? All the same, don’t ask too many questions.

> Be concise

Do not ask questions geared to extensive ideas or concepts. Be specific when structuring questions. For instance, don’t ask whether the waiter was a good person. Instead, ask whether he was polite. Specific questions yield specific answers. That way, you will easily identify the areas that require some improvement.

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