How To Hire Trusted Node.Js Developers?

Updated October 6, 2023

NodeJS has gained massive popularity since its inception due to its ease of use and the benefit of creating the best small, scalable network applications. It was not possible before as it helps to do real-time web development with the servers running in the background and its many features. It is still relevant when it comes to web development and, in 2019, was among the Top 10 tech skills in search. Within the last 4 years and even still this year of 2021, the demand for Node.js keeps remaining high and skill in demand. Interestingly, even though it is in high demand, there are not many skills to match it, so there will always be existing demand for such NodeJS developers.

Due to the ease of use in nature and being part of the JavaScript stack, it is not very difficult to hire somebody with its expertise. However, software development is a very specific industry which many aspirants want to join. Therefore, the process of hiring a NodeJS developer is not too difficult if they possess certain capabilities. The list below will help outline the process and the manner of analyzing the skills.

The skills that they absolutely need to possess are:

  • Intensive knowledge of JavaScript or Coffeescript
  • They must understand how TDD works and can write tests and implement testing units and tests automatically.
  • Knows their way around Git and GitHub
  • Know the basic templates of Jade, EJS, CSS
  • Understands Rest API Archistructure
  • Knows how to use asynchronous programming and understands all its kinds of working
  • Knows Semantic Versioning.

Initially, when hiring a Node.JS developer, it is important that they know coding to the core. They should also be able to produce basic apps using GIT tools in NodeJS. They should also be able to perform security and data projection as it is very necessary in today’s world.

Few other capabilities of Node.JS developers would be:

  • Soft skills

It is important for every employee who may join a company to maintain cordial relationships between the employer and themselves. Also, it is necessary to understand instructions and be able to carry them forward to fulfill the visions of a company.

  • Creative thinking

It is something that is quintessential to become a developer as it is important to always develop solutions to unseen problems by applying their creative thinking. They should be able to think out of the box and create new strategies for any problems that may arise.

  • Adaptability

The hiree should be able to adapt to any stressful situation and have confidence in his own decisions. He should also be able to take responsibility for his actions and have the zeal to always learning.

  1. Communication:

Every employee must have good communication skills to work in a team efficiently as good teams help make a company successful. Also, they should be able to communicate their needs and flaws in a project. Also, a candidate who knows their strengths and flaws is always a good sign.

  • Time management

When deciding to hire node.js developers, it is also important to know the importance of time and how to schedule their time. As time is money for any business, its employees should share a similar vision.


When hiring Node.JS developers, it is important to understand that they know the software Node.js in and out, or otherwise it would not work out on a long-term basis. As developers usually work for a company in the long term, as many things go into developing apps and then post-launch too, many strategies go into place. So along with having the requisite knowledge of the software, they should also be adept at all skills required to be a team player.

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