How to Find the Best IT Company in Hertfordshire?

Updated October 6, 2023

It is vital for any business to hire the services of an IT company. Unless that business is in IT themselves, it would be impossible for this type of work to be done internally, bar hiring an IT specialist. While hiring an IT specialist is a good idea for some, most now understand that outsourcing is actually far more beneficial. Before looking at how to find the best IT company in Hertfordshire, therefore, let’s take a look at why outsourcing is such a good idea.

Benefits of Outsourcing

There are a number of benefits to finding an IT company and outsourcing to them. These benefits include:

  • Accessing the most up to date skill. As an IT company focuses on nothing but IT, their members of staff are always fully trained and update their skills as and when needed.
  • No need to deal with recruitment and retention. If someone within the IT company leaves, it is that company’s responsibility to replace them. In the meantime, a different operative will be assigned to you.
  • No worries about sickness and holiday absence. Again, this is the responsibility of the IT company, who will always ensure an operative is present to deal with your needs.
  • The ability to focus fully on your personal niche, as you don’t have to worry about becoming knowledgeable about the world of IT.

How to Find an IT Company

IT CompanyBecause IT is so important to any business nowadays, it is vital that you find the best IT company in Hertfordshire for your needs. The way to achieve that is by going online. An IT company that does not have a comprehensive website that lists all their services is a company that you should avoid immediately. A simple Google search, therefore, should reveal a wealth of different companies, that you can then filter by locality, Hertfordshire in this case.

Once you have found a number of companies, and it is likely that this is quite an overwhelming number, you need to review them. Social media is a very important tool for this, but so are tools such as Yelp and LinkedIn. While it is likely that the website itself will list customer testimonials, it would be all too easy to only list those that are positive and glowing. Hence, it is vital that you look outside of this as well. Do also speak to others in your personal contact network, such as other businesses and coworkers. They may have some great pieces of advice to give you on which companies to work with, or which ones to avoid (and why).

Finally, try to receive quotations from at least five different businesses. This will give you a chance to really compare the market and see what outs there, as well as discovering what a fair price will be. If the prices between the five vary tremendously, then you should discard both the cheapest and the most expensive one. What you are looking for is not the cheapest price, but the best value for money.

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