10 Fascinating Digital Marketing Trends to Transform Your Business

Updated October 6, 2023

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is taking over the business world. Notably, technology advances in every year making it easy for companies to promote their products to customers through the internet.

Digital marketing encompasses business techniques such as SEO marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, and email marketing. With the tools, businesses can build their brands’ awareness.

After reading this article, you will understand the evolving digital marketing patterns you must watch in 2019. Here are the trends that will improve the interaction between you and your target customers.

1:- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The innovation of artificial intelligence technology has revolutionized digital marketing. Many businesses are beginning to understand the importance of AI technology in enhancing customer experience.

Artificial intelligence allows you to analyze and understand your customers’ search patterns and behaviors on the internet. Using analytics software, you can get data from blog posts and social media. With that report, you can optimize your products and services to meet your customers’ needs.

In 2019, businesses who will use AI technology to get insights into their target market will save on costs and achieve significant growth.

2. Personalization

Personalizing your marketing tools including web content and products is an effective strategy that will expand your business in 2019. Why? Personalization enhances customer relationships by exploiting artificial intelligence technology.

Prominent businesses such as Amazon and Netflix have already integrated personalization tools into their websites. When you log into Amazon or Netflix account, you will find content that is already optimized for you. Personalization reduces the search time.

3. Influencer Marketing

Through influencer marketing, you can engage expert influencers to advertise your brands and products to broader market at a fee. The influencers create your brand’s awareness on your behalf.

Engaging influencers is a very reliable marketing tool because they have the popularity and credibility that your brand needs. Influencers can be celebrities or any other individuals who have many followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots have been available for some time now, and the technology is evolving every day. The AI-based technology provides virtual assistance to customers by generating real-time messages to clients or site visitors.

Many people interact with Chatbots daily. Therefore, 79% of savvy businesses have adopted or are planning to utilize the technology. Chatbots are highly responsive and provide accurate feedback promptly.

The technology has been a success because it responds to customers’ need for information. Chatbots can schedule appointments and collect information regarding customers.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is another reliable strategy that businesses use to improve their customer conversion rates. 70% of customers have confirmed that they have always shared brands’ videos. Moreover, marketing videos build their confidence in online shops.

Many businesses use live videos for conducting interviews, demonstrating product usage, and illustrating production processes. All you need to do is to select and focus on the live video marketing platform you are interested in. For example, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Livestream.com, and YouTube live.

6. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an essential tool that every business should adopt in 2019. Automating digital marketing activities will improve the efficiency of your business operations and save on time.

Top performing marketers use automated marketing technology to improve their product performance and to engage a large group of target customers. The strategy reduces marketing costs while improving customer satisfaction.

Automation marketing tools can also help you collect data regarding your customers. With that, you can identify and respond to your customers’ needs by offering complicated customized product.

7. Voice Search

Integration of voice search in search engines is becoming popular. Mobile users can now access information online through voice assistants. Voice search technology uses AI technology to provide relevant information through audio content.

Voice search engines only display top results related to the query. As a digital marketer, you should optimize your web content to match the standards of voice search engines. You should post content that provides exact answers that customers need.

Integrating voice search technology on your business website is a powerful digital marketing strategy that will deliver quality content to your customers effectively.

8. Social Media Marketing

Most businesses today use social media marketing to create and share content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can engage your target customers by posting videos, texts, or any other content that your target audience finds useful.

You need to develop an effective social media marketing strategy to improve your business presence on social platforms. You have to clearly define your marketing objectives, target audience, and the message you want to pass to your target audience.

Social media marketing can assist you to achieve your marketing goals by driving tons of traffic to your website, creating brand awareness, building conversions, and improving communication with customers.

9. Visual Search Marketing

Visual search, an emerging AI-based technology, has revolutionized how customers search, find, and shop products online. Unlike in keyword search, visual search allows you to upload an image to get more information related to the picture.

Pinterest has adopted a new visual search technology, Lens. Online shoppers use the technology to take pictures of an item and search for relevant details including where to buy the product or similar products online.

Other essential visual search marketing tools include Google Lens search engine and CamFind image search mobile app. In 2019, integration of visual search engines with Chatbots is expected to increase.

10. Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing uses AI technology to automate advertisements that target a specific group of customers. The marketing strategy also automates real-time auctioning that makes buying of products much more efficient.

Based on the insights gained by customers from various brands, programmatic marketers can tailor specific information relevant to the target audience.

Programmatic marketing or advertising is advancing quickly. In summary, the programmatic systems determine the types of ads that will run and where they will be posted.

In 2019, you can improve your online business presence through automation, personalization, live video marketing, influencer marketing, and programmatic marketing among many others. All you need to do is to regularly evaluate and assess the digital marketing strategies integrated into your business. That will keep you at par with the dynamic technological conditions.

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