How to Edit Word Files on iPad?

Updated October 6, 2023

iPad’s Stunning resolution and optimum display size makes it ideal for writing and editing. This is a must-have for writers with a busy schedule. Imagine you need to access your Word file or your presentation to make changes while traveling, iPad is just the tailor fit for this task

ipad editing

There are several ways you could do this job. One way is to use Pages for iPad (nofollow) App, which allows you to import and edit the files on the go. It supports various functions a Word can do. It is a full pledged app which supports a wide range of document formats

Unfortunately Pages is not a free app, The premium version costs around 10 bucks. If you are looking for a free method to do it, you are going to do it the long but much more effective way

Edit Word Files on iPad For Free

  • Upload the Word File available on the PC to your Google Docs account. You can also use Google Cloud Connect (nofollow) to automatically sync your files to your Google Docs account
  • By Default, Google Docs only allows read-only format for the Files you upload which cannot be edited by accessing through other devices, You need to convert them to editable format
  • Browse to Google Docs on PC, Select the file you want to convert, and click on ‘Actions’ button to it’s right and choose ‘Make a Google Docs’ Copy

edit word file

  • Open Google Docs on your iPad and open the ‘Google Docs Copy’ of your word file, click on the edit button on the top to edit it
  • You can edit your document file using in built Google Docs functions and save changes to your account on the go.

If you face any trouble following this tutorial, Let me know where you need help through comments.

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