Use This Chinese Food Menu to Find Guest Blog Opportunities

Updated October 6, 2023

I know this post has been done a hundred times but there is always new SEO’s that do not know where to start link building.  Hopefully you will find this take on the process very easy.

Believe it or not when we first started off we did not have subscriptions to amazing services such as Ontolo to find guest blog posts.  We had to do everything the old fashion way using Google.  Although it is not nearly as efficient – it did work quite well and the price of $0 was nice too.  If you just used Google for simple searches you are about to graduate from a beginner to an intermediate search engine user.  I know, exciting right?

I originally wrote this article pointing out tools on the internet that did the grunt work for you but I am omitting them because of all of the extra search terms they have included.  It is my goal to start you off as hard working white hat SEO’s from the beginning and avoid directories and link submission sites.

Here is a quick lesson on advanced operators that you will need to perform this task.

Quotes:  putting anything between quotes only finds phrases that appear exactly as they are in the quotes.

Intitle:  This will search only titles of pages for your desired keyword.

Inurl: This will search only urls of websites for your desired keyword.

Now that you know the basics, you have to add your keywords, your operators along with some guest post collecting phrases.  Below I created a Chinese food menu to help you find guest posts.  The trick here is that you have to choose 1 item from each column but you should try every single possibility.



Action Item


Keyword 1 None None Write for Us
Keyword 2 “    ” Submit Contribute
Keyword 3 Intitle: Add Guest Post
Keyword 4 Inurl: Blog
Keyword 5 Guest writer
Keyword 6 Content
Keyword 7 Article
Keyword 8 Post
Keyword 9 Blog post
Keyword 10 Article
Keyword 11 Guest Blog
Keyword 12 Become our Write


Guest posting takes quite a bit of work but you get a solid back link and hopefully generate a lot of traffic back to your site.

Please add to the comments below any other operators, action items, or phrases you have used to find guest posting opportunities.

Author Bio:- Evan White is a Director at NeuMarkets. He runs a team of Web Marketing, Web Development and SEO Professionals that help Businesses of all sizes grow their businesses through the Web! Like this post? Check us out on Facebook to follow our blog posts regularly.

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