How Operators Like Dunder Casino are upgrading their tech capacities in 2019

Updated October 6, 2023

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Laptop with poker cards and poker chips” by Santeri Viinamäki (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Technology is the primary catalyst for change in today’s world. Casino Operators are no exception. Players are enjoying a more collaborative experience with improved transactions and payouts. They’re also seeing more of the options that were previously only available in actual casinos, online. Some of the most notable upgrades to online operators’ tech capacities include the following.

1. A Wider Range of Games to Play’s Dunder casino review reveals that gamblers choose the Operator that offers the widest selection of games. The Operator needs to have a number of skilled developers to make this a reality. Thanks to technological advancements, the online gambling world offers slot games, online poker games and so much more, in different themes and with more bonus features than ever before.

2. Virtual Reality Will Be Actualized

Virtual Reality Gambling is transforming the entertainment world. Online casinos have always offered a unique set of benefits to users, as there’s no travel involved and no need to share machines. But you do miss that environment, the energy and excitement in the air. The bright lights, the music, the setting are all part of the experience.

Virtual reality brings together the best of both worlds: the privacy of online gambling and the atmosphere of the real casino. Virtual Reality creates an environment that’s tangible and immersive, in your own home, office or wherever you choose to plug in.

3. Live Dealer Casino

Building on the concept of virtual reality is Live Dealer Casino. This operates in the same way streaming music does, except that you’re connecting with an actual dealer and other players. It’s the real experience recreated in a virtual space. You can even talk to the dealer via a chatbox.

“Live casino software has developed over recent years with improvements in OCR (Optical Character Recognition). A camera tracks every card that is distributed or roulette wheel that is turned and transformed into information revealed on the player’s screen.”

4. Security upgrades

A safety-first approach in the online gambling industry is essential. Logging in with a username and password is always a hassle, regardless of whether you are accessing your emails or trying to reopen a saved game. Username and password access is an outdated form of access control and security. Soon the fingerprint and face ID recognition technologies we use to unlock our phones will find their way into the gaming software upgrades too. It’s about time, really.

The benefits to the user? Faster logins to access saved games. Improved security as remote hacking is less likely. It also reduces the chances of getting locked out of your own account. Unlike a username, you can’t forget a fingerprint. Goodbye to the traditional ol’ access system.

The Promising Tech-Advanced Future

The year 2020 brings an abundance of technological advancements from online casino operators, improving the online gambling experience. Tighter security along with fluid solutions to currency exchange plus a wider range of games – these are a few of the highlights. We recommend reading a number of reviews to sink your teeth into the coming changes. It certainly is exciting.

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