Hostinger Is The Best Web Hosting Provider In The Market: Find Out Why

Updated October 6, 2023


Hostinger Templates

Who said that a cheap domain name has to sound cheap? Visit to find great website addresses at the lowest prices. When it comes to cheapest web hosting, nothing can beat Hostinger. But that does not mean that the quality is compromised. Every website developer, web designer, learners, entrepreneurs, naive beginners or experienced professionals, everyone has chosen Hostinger to be their premier choice when it comes to web hosting. The clients love the low priced-packages, superior quality of web hosting and an amazing and prompt, live chat customer support. Plus, they have a complete risk-free 30day trial program. Try hosting for 30 days, and in case, if you do not like it or have some grievance, they will refund your money instantly.

There are so many web hosting providers in the market, with their colorful advertisements and latest offers. How will you which one is the best? Here’s a solution. In this article, you will get to the features that the different web hosting providers offer and compare them with what Hostinger has to offer. Then you will have a clear understanding of which one suits your requirement the best. Hostinger believes in transparent customer relationships, that is why they are not asking you to just go by their word. The cards are laid on the table; it is for you to decide which way to go.

1:- Easiest and cheapest website builders with a risk-free trial program

With Hostinger, you can have premium quality websites at lowest prices and the shortest possible time, while other website builders like GoDaddy or HostGator charge $4.99 and $5.99 per month, Hostinger charge only $3.49 per month. Plus you need not have any prior training or experience in coding or technical knowledge. Their system is intuitive and so ergonomic that even a naive can build his website within 5 minutes. You will require no expensive professional website developer, and you can do it all by yourself.
Plus, Hostinger provide a totally risk-free trial program of 30 days with a money-back guarantee, unlike any other service providers in the market.

While the other website providers may provide you quality SEO-friendly websites, Hostinger will provide you similar quality websites, built completely by you and according to your choice, at a much lesser price.

2:- Instant activation of accounts

The 100 percent drag and drop interface ensures that you can build your website, you will have full control of it and you will go live in just 5 minutes! While other service providers require 48 hours to activate the domain, with Hostinger your account will be activated within just 5 minutes of completing the website building.

3:- Best user interface

The user interface is very intuitive and has the best mobile compatibility, which other website hosting providers like, GoDaddy lack. Hostinger is compatible with Android and iOS. The websites will be equally functional, responsive and SEO friendly in desktops, smartphones or any other mobile devices, thanks to their latest advanced technology.

4:- Free web templates

Hostinger boasts an array of free website templates designed by professionals for you to choose from. All of these are exclusively designed by professionals and fashioned according to the latest trends of the users. All of these are SEO-optimized and are compatible with Android or iOS. None of the other providers like Hostgator or GoDaddy will provide a free website template to match your website needs.

5:- Free site migration, free domain, and free SSL

You are entitled to a completely free domain name and website builder once you enter into a web hosting plan with Hostinger. While this service is provided with other service providers, none of them can guarantee to provide you a kickass web address which Hostinger can. Plus, free site migration is provided by Hostinger and Hostgator, but GoDaddy does not provide such service for free. Also, a free SSL security certificate is included to every Hostinger web hosting package.

6:- Unlimited SSD Space, Bandwidth, Websites and Email Accounts

While Hostinger, like all the other service providers, offers unlimited SSD Disk Space, Bandwidth, Domain Parking and Websites, it also offers unlimited email accounts which others like GoDaddy do not.

7:- WordPress optimization, PHP 7.1 support, and GIT support

While all the major website hosting providers offer reliable PHP 7.1 and GIT support, none of them provide WordPress optimization as Hostinger does. Now you all know that to enhance the functionality, responsiveness and to make it all user-friendly, your website has to be WordPress optimized. Hosting provides websites optimized for WordPress which other providers like GoDaddy does not.

8:- Maximum uptime and auto-script installation

While Hostinger ensures that your website is accessible for 100% uptime every day, other providers like Hostgator has an uptime of 98.82% everyday. Also, the auto-script installer of Hostinger allows 90+ apps, while others like Hostgator allows only 81 apps and GoDaddy, only 70 apps.

9:- Employee-driven company and maximum customer support

Hosting provides prompt and efficient customer support and boasts an experienced team of members dedicated to customer service. You can call them, mail them or even get in touch via live chat. While all the major service providers in the market are accredited with mind-blowing customer support, none of them have a company entirely run by the employees like Hostinger.

Hostinger is a risk-free option to develop a website, especially for the beginners with a tight budget. They also provide tutorial and blog-posts so that beginners can train themselves with the entire process of web-hosting. All of this makes it a perfect choice if you are working on a startup and helps you take your first step into building a successful website.

Before you opt for your website hosting provider, you must be thoroughly informed about their services, features and price demand. Now that you have seen what the major service providers in the market have to offer, it is of no doubt that Hostinger is the best choice and that too at the lowest possible price range. Now it is your call.

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  • Not sure about this “free migration” reviewed – when I migrated my website, the support suggested me to help doing it but not totally doing it from their side. Would say that I am even happy that I managed to do it myself with their help! From one point it’s better than migration from their side, from other point, it could be difficult. Though if you ask, I believe that support could migrate it for you as they are real sweeties 🙂

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