High Speed Internet Connection- Tips to Know

Updated October 6, 2023

It is inevitable to say that a slow connection from your so called high speed internet provider can sometimes frustrate many of us. However, to fix your problem you might not need to go and get a new broadband package. Here are five tips that can help you in getting most of your high speed internet connection.

High Speed Internet

1. Maximize your router

There is more to maximizing a wireless router than the configuration. Placement of the router also plays a key role in the broadband speed. Obstructions like doors, furniture and walls would reduce the strength of the computer signals, resulting in slower connections. Keep the wireless router as near the computer and as high up as you can. Keeping them away from other electrical products is also good as that would reduce interference with the signals.

2. Do not overwork the bandwidth

Many of us might not be aware of this but all those unnecessary programs that start up on your computer when you turn it on, would consume a large amount of bandwidth. Therefore, be sure to control what applications get activated and turn off applications that you aren’t using at the moment. To see all the applications currently running on your computer, open the task manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on your keyboard.

3. Avoid sharing bandwidth

Wireless connections work best when fewer computers are sharing the bandwidth. For speed and security, it is also advisable to secure your wireless connections, so others around you do not access your bandwidth or your computer system without your knowledge.

4. Consult your high speed internet provider

If none of these solutions worked, then you should contact your fixed wireless broadband provider and have them run a diagnostic. They might try fixing your issues or offering you an upgrade to maximum internet speed connection. It’s also important to do an internet speed test at speedcheck.org to see if your internet speed is fixed and running at its maximum speed.

5. For Faster Mobile Broadband

You can also create fast mobile broadband connection easily. You could buy an antenna and connect to the mobile broadband dongle. Also you can USB lead to place the broadband dongle nearer a window as you connect it to your laptop. It is also recommended that you check the mobile broadband coverage within an area before selecting the right provider. This information is easily accessible on their websites.


  • Rohit Batra

    Nice Post Richard..

  • Nokriinfo

    Dear Bilal Ahmad, really thanks for great effort.

  • Some great tips there. I’ve found tweaking the setting on my router has really helped my high speed internet connection.

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