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Maximum Internet Speed Available in the World

Internet Speed can be as high as a company can afford to buy from a ISP. However it does have restrictions. For example Cable has its own limits, optic fiber, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G every technology comes with its own high caps. In this article we are talking about the general speed available to the general public. Internet Service Providers can provide on demand speed to any company or Govt. Organizations. So keep this in mind that here we are discussing the speed only available to the general public. However you will also get the idea of the maximum internet speed each technology offers.

Maximum Internet Speed in World

Google Fiber offers the highest Internet speed i.e 1,000 Mb/s. You can read about there service here.

As I said every technology has its own limits. Following are the limits.


  • Maximum Speed = 25-30Mbit

Wired Ethernet

  • Maximum Speed 1,000 Mbits

Satalite Internet

  • Maximum Download Rate = 1 Gbps
  • Average Download Rate = 1Mbps
  • Average Upload Rate = 256kbps

Mobile Technologies

  • 2G Internet = 50 Kb/s
  • EDGE = 500 Kb/s i.e 1 MB/s
  • 3G Internet  = 56 Mbit/s
  • 4G Internet  = 100 Mbit/s
  • 5G Internet = 1 Gbit/s

Note:- There is difference between MB/s and Mb/s. MB Megabytes and Mb means Megabit. The Megabytes is used for the file size and Megabit is used for internet download speed. You need to be aware of this because you can get completely wrong idea of how exactly internet speed is measured.

1 Mega Bytes = 8 Megabit

Top 10 Countries with the Maximum Internet Speed

According to Wikipedia the following countries have the below stated average maximum internet speed. The stats are for the year 2015.

  1. South Korea         20.5 Mb/s
  2. Sweden                17.5 Mb/s
  3. Norway                16.4 Mb/s
  4. Switzerland         16.2 Mb/s
  5. Hong Kong           15.8 Mb/s
  6. Netherlands        15.6 Mb/s
  7. Japan                    15.0 Mb/s
  8. Finland                 14.8  Mb/s
  9. Czech Republic    14.5 Mb/s
  10. Denmark               14.0 Mb/s

Another clue that i found on the web about maximum internet speed is here

Scientists have set a new world record for data transmission by transferring a data rate of 2.56 Terabit per second over a glass fibre link of 160 km length.

One thing is clear that United States is not the country with the world fasted internet speed. South Korea is the first country with the fasted internet connection.

Internet Speeds Reported by Users

  • Saudi Arabia 4G Speed = 150 mbs
  • 950 Mbps at IIT roorkee

You can also post your country speed in the comment section below.