HelloTalk App Review – Worthy Language Learning and Practice Tool

Updated October 6, 2023

Practice is the key principle of learning anything, but at the same time, it is the most challenging thing to keep up with. Learning a foreign language from books or online resources can be helpful, but for having a fluent verbal communication you need much more than just that.

Language exchange partner is an endless search. Luckily, if you find a language partner, who is eager to create fair exchange, then setting a time to work together may be difficult. You have to either wake up early or stay up late for learning sessions because both live in different time zones.

Advanced digital technology has changed the way we carry out different things. Language exchange app allows you to conveniently chat with people speaking in the language you want to learn, anytime and anywhere.

HelloTalk – Introduction

HelloTalk App Review

HelloTalk is a language learning tool, similar to social networking app. It allows people to connect with language partners spread around the world. You can learn 100+ languages.

You can use the app on Android and iPhone devices. It is available in free and paid options. Paid options provide you with unlimited transcription, translation, and transliteration. Your chat history can be seen on the screen even if you are chatting with a group of 50 members. The free usage option allows users to register under one target and one native language.

HelloTalk – Valuable features

Features available on HelloTalk make learning and practicing target language, a breeze.

  • Connect with Twitter
  • Record spoken intro, or write an intro
  • Hide details, if you desire
  • Matches are suggested automatically
  • Specific local search option
  • Language partners location and time of the day is displayed
  • Share pictures and voice messages
  • Use doodles
  • Language exchange mode reminds both partners, when to switch language
  • Free phone calls using VoIP included in the app
  • Long press feature to easily correct partners writing
  • Grammar correction features saves the corrections you received automatically for later review
  • Adding any communication, grammar corrections, sentences, foreign language words and more as favorites for reviewing later
  • Copying the message
  • Translation to targeted language
  • Text to voice – Have the app to read the message to understand the way it is pronounced
  • Voice to text – Your spoken words are translated automatically in the desired language
  • Warning message, when someone asks personal contact information. A great feature for young users

HelloTalk using tips

To take advantage of this helpful app and make your language exchange experience memorable, here are some top tips.

  • Be clear about your goal – Chatting aimlessly is easy, but finding a true language exchange partner can be demanding. Chatting with every partner who requests is a waste of time. Your aim to practice a specific language must be prioritized and conveyed to the partner in the beginning itself.
  • Prepare some starter topics – Language partners are strangers, so chatting with them can be awkward. Therefore, prepare yourself with a few topics that can make both of you comfortable and build a good rapport.

 A feature that needs to be included is help for repeated learning like prompts asking you repeat new expressions. This will help users to remember the accent of new words easily.

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