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Updated October 6, 2023

Does your PC get hanged in the middle of an important video call? Or does your Task Manager ditch you when you’re working on a very important office job, that’s what needs to be completed immediately? Well if you have encountered any of the above two scenarios or a bit similar scenarios to those, you are not alone!
So, what should you do to avoid such unwelcoming situations? There is just one thing that you should do and that is getting the Advanced System Optimizer. Do you want to know why? Keep reading…

advance system optimizer

The Advanced System Optimizer is successful software with more than a million users across the globe within 7 years of its launch. With the first launch in 2004, the Advanced System Optimizer has made it’s users’ life easier by taking good care of their PC and making them tension free from updating security related software products, cleaning hard drives every now and then, manual system scanning and many more tasks for your PC to be smooth and clean.
The way it manages taking care of your PC is very interesting. The Advanced System Optimizer has a huge set of utilities, each of which has its own task. Every utility has a useful feature which adds to your PC’s internal maintenance. Let’s have a look at a few features of this amazing software.

Smart PC Care

This powerful tool will contribute a lot to make your PC run smooth. It’ll clean up your disk space of any junk data, resultantly freeing up huge disk space. It also defrags the hard disk ultimately achieving optimized performance, removes spyware and supports to protect your system.

Game Optimizer

Doesn’t it feel awful when you’re at the climax of a game and all of a sudden an IM from a friend or a notification from your Operating system disturbs you? Well the Game Optimizer won’t let that happen. The aim of this tool is that when you’re playing a game, you wouldn’t be disturbed.

Driver Updater

This tool will never let you worry about the device drivers for your system. It easily monitors out-of-date drivers of your computer, and then it presents you with a list of all those drivers. Next, it ensures that all the out-of-date drivers are updated according to the latest versions. And finally, before updating any drivers, it creates a backup of all the existing version of those drivers. Never think of manually dealing with drivers again, once you have Driver Updater with you!

System Protector

This tool would safeguard your PC from unwanted programs which have spyware on them. It’ll constantly monitor spyware software products. Plus, it scans your system for spyware and detects it once it is present. After detection, it even removes it and prevents any further entry of spyware into the system.

Disk Tools

This tool will take care of your PC’s disk health. It’ll scan file system of your PC for any errors. Plus it’ll provide you the information you need about your disk regarding its health. It performs periodic health checks and also fixes bad sectors on your disk of your PC.

Backup Manager

Today, firms can never think of moving on without backups of each and every day’s work. The backup manager not only allows you to keep a backup of your important documents and stuff but also creates backup on its own. Plus, it also performs periodic backup processes that are automated, so the user never has to think about making backup him/herself!

Disk Optimizer

This tool will let you optimize your disk by scheduling and running automatic defragmentation processes. Defragmenting your hard drive increases your PCs response time i.e. the time delay between the moment you ask your PC for something, and the moment it actually provides you with it. It also increases data access time, means you can access your files on the disk very quickly. The best thing about the Disk Optimizer is that it shows everything graphically.


This tool is there to help you with restoring the files that were accidentally deleted, or you might need a file that was previously unneeded and hence deleted. Well in that case, this tool will scan your system for all the deleted files using file signatures and recover them. It even provides you with a feature to preview your file before restoring it; finally you can restore it in the directory of your choice

These were a few of the many features, the powerful Advanced System Optimizer has. Having this software with you, will make your jobs, your PCs health and your life a lot better!

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