Google AdSense – No Barriers Approach to Making Money Online or Generating Leads

Updated October 6, 2023

AdSense is a very creative and effective way devised by Google to earn steady revenue for publishers and fresh leads for advertisers. Since Google is one of the most used search engines, the traffic that passes through its server each day is extraordinary. So, business owners, who are market and advertising savvy, are eager to pay to have their ads involved in this program.

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How does AdSense work?

AdSense and AdWords both work on the principle of keyword optimization. Ad owners do not have to pay upfront to post their ads; they only have to pay for the number of clicks that the ad receives. Google has increased the scope of these ads by allowing other websites and blogs to host them. So, if you have your site or a blog, then you can post some of these ads on your pages and get paid by Google for every click that is registered for each of these ads. All you need to have is a web page that you can call your own (or at least embed your adsense code). If you don’t have your own website you can get started on Squidoo, Hubpages, or Wizzley.

More ads units on your web page typically results in higher earnings (with a cap to avoid spammy sites). Further, you do not have to pay anything to anyone to begin this program on your site; a CPC model, where the action is the click itself, rather than a purchase (affiliate), or action taken (CPA).

An easy way to think of Adsense is this: Publishers display ads on their website, and receive money when web visitors click the ads. Simultaneously, Advertisers that paid to have their ads represented on the publisher’s site are debited the amount of cost for the click. Some niches are more expensive than others due to supply and demand of leads. This is advertisers in the legal industry can expect to pay more for a lead, and on the flip side, expect to gain more cash per click if they are a publisher.

Optimizing the use of Adsense

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you use this program. It’s important to break each page down to its lowest common denominator. The Google Adsense algorithm does its best to pair up relevant ads to the content. For this reason it’s imperative to write on focused topics rather than generalizations. A person who visits your site will naturally look for more information in your niche topic, and that’s when the Adsense should catch their eyes. When he/she finds another source of similar information on your site, he is more likely to click on the sources, which in this case, are the ads. This is a huge advantage over random visitors in Paid to Click sites that are always more bothered about increasing the number of clicks rather than be interested on the site content and relevancy. Make sure to follow adsense guidelines to be safe your account form being disable.

How much can you earn?

The payment can range anywhere between 5 cents to $20 per click. Some niches can fetch you even more (which is quite shocking). The earnings depend on the traffic that your site receives and the number of clicks registered, known as CTR, or click through rate. Google pays through checks, Western Union or bank account. The best part of the program is that people all over the world can participate in the program. It is not region specific and neither are the ads. You can earn virtually an unlimited amount of money. The real secret is picking niche topics you are interested in, and providing concise valuable information to the reader, along with some choices in the form of adsense ads.

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