Future of Work from Home in 2021

Updated October 6, 2023

Covid19 has changed a lot of things for us. It has affected each one of us not only physically but also financially and economically. We understand the fact that things will take some time to go back to normal but till then we need to adjust to the new normal these times have got on us. Extended lockdowns and the ‘Stay home Stay safe’ motto have us all locked up in our homes. This has made us extremely reliable on our internet connection.

The Internet has become our sole means of entertainment. It has made us feel connected to our loved ones like never before. The only meet-ups we get to have with our friends now are through video conferencing and let’s be honest, nobody wants to see connecting or loading signs on their video call even for a second. We need the best internet speeds for us but within an affordable range.

Since this pandemic has lead us to cut down on our budgets we all want to spend wisely.  We need to check if our local ISPs are offering data bundles and plans within our range. For instance, AT&T internet plans offer the best internet plans without compromising on the speed of the internet. These plans vary according to the needs of their customer’s pricing from low to high. So you get the desired speed you want without burning a hole in your pocket.

Covid19 has also changed the concept of education and work. In the pre-covid world we all use to go to schools universities and offices to get our work done but now is the era of Work from Home (WFH). We have decided to list down the pros and cons of work from home for you:

Pros of work from home

  • Time-saving:

Work from home is way more time-saving than work from the office since it requires no commuting. For example, if it takes you 45 minutes to reach your office and then 45 again to reach your home from the office then approximately 1 and half hours of your day is dedicated to traveling. By working from home you just get to invest that time in your work and improve your work efficiency.

  • Decreased commuting cost:

The money you used to spend on a cab service or diesel for your car can all go into your savings now. With working from home you do not have to worry about spending a huge amount of money on commute. This will not only save you money but it’s less damaging for the environment too.

  • Less stress:

Working from the comforts of your house with no stress you live tough office routines does. You do not have to work with people you have personality differences with, neither yo have to rush to catch up on hectic morning routines.

  • More time for self-care:

By working from the premises of your home you can schedule your work in a way that you will save a lot of time for yourself. You can always get back on the exercise routine you wanted to have, do yoga, binge-watch your favorite shows, and do everything that makes you happy.

  • Increase family time
  • With hectic work routines, almost all of us have neglected our families in one way or the other. Work from home enables us to spend more time with our families and develop healthy personal relationships.
  • Healthier eating at home

When you are working outside you often don’t get time to find food that meets your nutritional needs so you catch junk food from the cafeteria of your office or the nearest fast-food chain. Working from home benefits you in a way that you can always prepare healthy food or whatever cooked at home will still be far healthier than the food outside.

  • Less prone to catch a virus

Where all this basically started from was the reason that you stay at home so we interact we fewer people, and don’t let the virus transmit and spread. Working from home.

Cons of work from home

  • Overdependence on technology

One of the disadvantages is that we have become overly dependent on technology. We do not even want to perform simpler tasks by ourselves. For these, we need to have good quality internet connection 24/7 and if we face minor inconvenience with our hardware we have to wait for long periods to get it fixed.

  • Higher electricity bills

Since working from home requires our online presence all the time, so to avoid any inconvenience we have to keep our phones and laptops charges all the time. To create a workable atmosphere ac, a heater, fans, lights are also switched on a majority of the time. One can not escape higher electricity bills while working from home.

  • Finding a quiet space for work office

Find a quiet corner in a house is nearly impossible when you live with your family or have children. While working from home you need to a corner which is quiet enough where you could set up a small office for yourself and this gets quite difficult sometimes when you’re having other people roaming around in the house.

  • Problems with non-fixed work hours

We tend to focus more when we have fixed working hours. Scattered working shifts is a big problem we all face while working from home

  • Distractions at home

Offie creates a working environment where all we could see is other people working and work-related stuff. While working from home one can be easily distracted by what other people are doing or how much noise a toddler is making in our house.

Wrapping it up

Work from home has its benefits and disadvantages both. There is no fixed time limit to determine the work hours of any employee. One thing it has surely bought is a huge benefit to ISP’s market and all majority of the statistics show that work from home is a trend that will grow in future.

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