Fuji Xerox Introduces Solid Ink Technology

Updated October 6, 2023

Fuji Xerox has launched a new range of cartridge free multifunction office printers designed to cut down on waste and expensive printing costs. The ColorQube 8900 is the first Fuji Xerox business printer to use four crayon-textured solid ink cubes, which reduces 90 percent of print-related by-product.


The solid ink colour technology will make big inroads into reducing the amount of empty ink cartridges accumulated each year by commercial and domestic printers as the technology relies on ink blocks which melt away when printing. Additionally, solid ink printing will also save purchasers a great deal on toner and inkjet cartridges which constantly need replacing.

The process uses four solid ink sticks to replace the cartridges and which are designed to fit into their correct color slot in the machine. The ink has a crayon-like texture, contains 30 percent bio-renewable content and can even be replaced when the printer is in operation

The first multifunctional office printer also has a 2400FinePoint print resolution which is superb for vibrant color detail or specific halftones. The ColorQube series will have Fuji Xerox’s ‘Color by Words’ software which enables people to customize and control the outcome of the colours they want. The user can specify which color to change, by how much and also choose from a selection of implementation methods. Easy-to-follow instructions are also embedded in the printer’s touch-screen display for quick reference and troubleshooting.

According to Fuji Xerox Australia’s marketing and channel operations manager Anthony Toope the ColorQube printer series has gained quite an interest among Fuji Xerox’s associates.

Toope said the printing company’s intent was to introduce the machine before Christmas and were able to sell more than 20 printers prior to its market debut.

He adds that Fuji Xerox’s channel associates are in the advantage to improve on a different type of model that will be suitable for a specific market. There is currently a great demand for color management services in the channel and ColorQube steps up to that pressures and provide that difference.

Toope further explains that not only will the ColorQube 8900 steadily increase income for resellers in photocopying and printing markets, but it will also bring huge savings for the consumers at the same time.

The Fuji Xerox ColorQube 8900 kicks off with a starting price of $5498.90 on a standard set-up. Add-ons such as extra feeding trays, high capacity feeders, extra solid ink sticks, cleaning kits, other items and supplies are sold separately.

Author Bio:- This article is brought to you by TechMaish in conjunction with Fuji Xerox Australia. For the latest in colour laser multifunction printers  visit Fuji Xerox.

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