Folder Colorizer – Make Your Folder Bright with Brilliant Shades!

Updated October 6, 2023

I have multiple folders in my PC – one having my memorable Christmas pictures, one containing my MP3 favorites, one for my private documents and so on. It is hard to find a particular folder amongst all these. I have to scroll through Windows Explorer a number of times to finally recognize the folder I desire to open. Can’t we create an enticing visual impact for each of the folders?

Here you are! Folder Colorizer is the app with the help of which you can set different colors to different folders. Pictures, videos and music – all will be in different bright colors making it easy for you to identify. Are you eager to know more about this application?

Coloring the Folders

Folder Colorize is the Windows application available for Windows Vista, 7 and XP users. Go ahead and download it from Softorino website.

Have you installed it? Do you like to change the color of your folders? Just right click on the desired folder and choose Colorize.

Pick a color of your choice from the list that appears. You will get 8 pre-defined colors – aquamarine, silver, red, yellow, lawngreen, blue, violet and sandy brown. Select any of the colors and make your folder look vibrant! However, if none of these colors attracts you and you desire to customize your own color, you have the option too. In that case, select Colors and add your customized color from the window that appears.

Reverting to Windows Color

In case you plan to switch on to default Windows color, you can do so as well. Right click your preferred folder -> choose Colorize -> Restore Original Color and you are done.

Download the application and add color to Windows Explorer!!!

Download Here:-

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