FILMORA9 Video Editor Upgrade

Updated October 6, 2023

FILMORA9 Video Editor

Video editing has become a sound tool to portray content for marketing or different purposes. A descriptive or promotional video can elevate your product or your brand to a whole next level. Video editing can help you reach out to people. This investment is comparatively smaller than what you will be getting back from video marketing. This tool of video editing requires perfect software to edit the videos in an outstanding manner. Filmora9 video editor has all what you need for that purpose.

Announcement of the new launching filmora9:

Now is the time to get rid of those quirky and complex video editing softwares which allow you to use a limited amount of tools to edit your video content. Because the big news is here! Filmora9 has been launched with the exciting new features and specifications just for your videos. With a wide range of tools available in Filmora9, you will be able to present your videos in the best possible way.

Core features of filmora9:

The super exciting news is here. The upgraded Filmora9 has all the lovely features enhanced to the next level. Some of the newly added features are here for you:

A.     Media Organization:

Media organization up to a hundred videos is possible only through the amazing Filmora9 and has enabled amplified audio editing.

B.      Effects and Transitions:

You can now add different effects, share and transfer your videos in an easy manner.

C.      Video length:

The video length can be easily adjusted with Filmora9.

D.     Adjustment in Imagery Resolution:

Picture resolution can be adjusted through this smart video editing software.

E.      Audio Enhancement:

Audio quality can be enhanced and the volume can be controlled at different levels of the video easily with Filmora9.

F.       Works on both PC and Mac:

Filmora9 has an exceptionally handy feature. It works with both PC and Mac so that no hurdles will be there in your way of editing a video.

With these amazing range of newly added features, Filmora9 video editor is your key to subtly edited videos.

Price of filmora9:

This amazing video editing software has different packages depending on what you choose. If you choose it to charge you annually, then it costs US$39.99 a year with a limited number of video effects and transitions to be edited. If you choose the lifetime package, US$ 59.99 will be charged from you, and it’s a onetime fee. But if you need a variety of effects in your videos, then the unlimited offer Filmora9 offers fits the best. With US$ 99.87 annual fee, you can use over a thousand effects and enjoy various transitions. Filmora9 is offering the best packages at the best price; choose the best suitable option for you now.

Filmora9 Video Editor Price


Filmora9, with its exciting new features and a vast range of tools, has all the power to transform and edit your videos exactly as per your desire. Filmora9 assures a wonderful video editing experience to its user throughout the process. It can do all the magic needed in your videos to make it eye-catching. Filmora9 will definitely meet your expectations of perfect video editing software. Pitch perfect videos? Filmora9 has got you covered.

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