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Featured Posts Slider With Thumbnails On Home Page In Thesis Theme

Thesis is not just a theme, but a designer tool which you can use to customize your blog design. Previously i wrote about related posts with thumbnails tutorials for thesis users. In this post i want to share another thesis tutorial about showing featured posts slider with thumbnails on home page in your thesis theme. As a example you can see the below screen shot.

related posts with thumbnailsHow to Display Featured Posts On Home Page of Thesis Theme?

1. Download Slider Post Plugin, install and activate it.

2. After activating the plugin , Go to Post section and edit the post you want to show in the featured post slide on home page. Edit the post and scroll down to the bottom and tick the button which says “Add this post/page to smooth slider” and update the post.

3. Similarly tick the button for all those posts that you want to include in the slider.

smooth slider

4. Add the following code in your function-cusom.php

//Featured Content Slider
function content_slider() { ?>
<?php if (is_home()){ ?>
<?php if ( function_exists( ‘get_smooth_slider’ ) ) { get_smooth_slider(); } ?>
<?php }
add_action(‘thesis_hook_before_content’, ‘content_slider’);

After adding the above code in your thesis function-custom.php file featured post slider will be added to your home page. The posts that you edited in step 3 will be shown with thumbnails in the slider.
The next step is to configure the slider according to your design.

Featured Post Slider Configuration

Go to Dash Board and in left bottom side find Smooth Slider. Click on Settings and from here you can configure and design the featured posts slider.

setting of smooth slider pluginThis is the simple method for thesis users to display featured post box on home page. That is why i love thesis, because i can customize my blog design easily. If you are not using thesis, then buy now.

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