How to Upgrade Your Blog to Thesis 2.0 or Installing Thesis 2 for the first time [Solution]

Updated October 6, 2023

Ok Thesis 2.0 is now available but there are lots of bugs and compatibility issues. I recommend every blogger not to upgrade your blog from the current version to thesis 2 until you check the new version on a test blog. Even on test blog if you install thesis 2 you will still get errors and your blog will not load. The only thing you will see is “A blank white page”, in that case you need to follow the following tips.

Installing Thesis 2.0

1. You need a test blog to check how thesis 2 works. Don’t upload it to your current blog, first upload it to a test blog.

2. Ok upload thesis 2.0 and activate it.

3. Now you need to click on “Click to get started!” button at the top left side of the screen.


thesis 2 upgrade


4. After clicking on the link you will see a thesis 2 installation page.


thesis 2 installation

5. Click on “Return to Thesis” link and you are done.

Now this is very unexpected thing from Diythemes. At least they should have used a “Big Ass” type button for the “Click to get started” button so that users can see it. Anyway i know they were in hurry because the whole community was waiting for the thesis 2.0.

Upgrading Thesis to Thesis 2.0

The theme will not work with SimplePress Plugin, so if you are using it you need to deactivate it.

According to Chris in a tweet in response to a user about upgrading existing blog to thesis.

“One option to try is deactivate ALL plugins, try the thesis legacy plugin + Thesis 2 again, and see what happens.”

1. Install “Thesis Legacy Plugin” on your existing blog.

2. Upload Thesis 2.o and activate it.

3. Click on “Click to get started!” button

If every thing is fine then your blog will be upgraded to thesis 2.o. If there is any problem revert back to the old version and wait for official solution from Diythemes.

I suggest you to rename your thesis 1.85 version with another name so that you can revert back in case of any issues. Always take backup before making any changes in your blog.

Thesis 2.0 is very different from the old versions. The coding the structuring every thing, so you need to get support from the diythemes for all the issues.
I recommend not to upgrade your current blog especially in situation like this, where the offical tutorial is really needed in order for the things to go smoothly.
Anyway thesis 2.0 is looking a great theme, but let’s see how diythemes is going to handle the issues and provide “as promised” SUPPORT.


  • nmharleyrider

    I have to say that although I have read dozens and dozens of supposed tutorials on Thesis2, the product is a piece of crap. There is literally NO documentation, no real users manual except one that tells you nothing about how to use the product. To say it is in any way user friendly is an outright lie. To say you don’t have to know any CSS of HTML to make it work is another lie. In the absence of any real documentation, one has to rely on people like you who sporadically put out documents on how to use bits and pieces of the theme. Let’s face it; for those of us who like a systematic approach to learning a new programming language, having no reference manual makes it absolutely impossible. This product was released way to soon evidenced by the total lack of any documentation on how to use it. That in itself is a testament to the fact that the product was released way before it should have. Now it has taken me weeks to read articles and “tutorial” on the internet to have come to the conclusion that without a real reference manual I would never be able to do justice to a web site and because of the weeks spent on trying to do same, I am told I am beyond my 30-day refund period. So much for the product and so much for customer care. I would advise anyone considering this product to look elsewhere or wait until proper documentation is provided by the creators of this product.

  • I want to update thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0. How can i upgrade without any data lose.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Adil@ You need to wait for a few weeks, because thesis 2 is completely new framework. Diythemes has not yet released the documentation for thesis 2. Wait for it, so that you can upgrade without any issue.

  • I have a question; i am a web developer and have been using the custom_function.php and custom.css for customizing the thesis look for my clients. But now there is no custom folder in version2. How can i insert my codes in this version and where?
    any thoughts!

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Shari@ You need to wait for a few weeks. Diythemes has not yet made available the documentation for thesis 2.0. When the documentation is available than you will know how to run thesis 2.0. It has new features!

  • Thanks for the heads up. I had already downloaded it along with the plugin and was just about to get started…

  • Dinesh Verma

    What kind of bugs are you talking about? I thought Thesis 2.0 is stable enough.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Dinesh@ I think i should make the change in the post as that is not a bug but compatibility issue.

  • Syed Danial @InternetDreamz

    Nice tutorial. Thesis is a good framework. I wil use it on my current blog in near future.

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