Eject USB-Automatically Close Running Programs

Updated October 6, 2023

Some time you will get a error message when you want to eject a connected USB from your computer. The error will not come, if you first  close all the programs running from your USB. Other wise after getting this message, if you will close all the programs that were running from USB, you will still see the below error message.

The device ‘Generic volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later

In order to avoid this problem, there is a very useful software called “Eject USB“. It is use to close all programs running from a specified drive like registry entries, folders, shortcuts, recent documents etc. After installing Eject USB you will not get the error message.

eject USBEject USB is also use to close program running in any other drive. For example if a software or application is running from Drive E: and you extract Eject USB in drive E:. It will close all programs running from Drive E:. It uses special commands to close programs from a specific drive.

How to Install Eject USB

First Download Eject USB and extract it to your USB Flash Drive. The file size is 256 Kb. Now if you want to eject your flash drive, then simply click on Eject USB and it will close all programs running from your USB device.

Similarly if you want to close programs that are running from Drive D or E: then extract “Eject USB” in D or E drive. It will close all programs running from D or E drive. Download the latest version that is 1.6 and extract it in any drive.

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  • Hey buddy thanks a lot for sharing the tip. I am really irritated while my media player got hang. I really hate situations. So again thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

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