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Updated October 6, 2023

CodePorting is a web based application designed to convert projects and applications source code from.Net to Java. With the support of powerful porting engine, CodePorting enables you to convert millions of lines of code from .Net to Java in seconds. CodePorting, with its splendid source code conversion abilities bridges the gap of competing technologies and reduces the cost, time and effort necessary to convert an existing .NET application to Java.

CodePorting – The Finest Solution for your Code Porting Problems


CodePorting being a platform, OS and browser independent application, is readily available for its users from anywhere around the world. The primary focus of CodePorting is to provide its users with the most accurate and comprehensive online .Net to Java conversion. With CodePorting you can perform .Net to Java conversion either by simply uploading your code from your CodePorting account or by importing your .Net code from public repository. CodePorting supports public repositories such as GitHub and Bitbucket. You can import your C# code hosted on public repositories and port it to Java to host newly ported Java code back to your favorite social coding site.

With CodePorting’s Class Library Manager, you can map .NET types with their counter parts in Java as well as customize library map according to your project needs. CodePorting C#2Java facilitates you with an Add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio to let you easily convert C# projects and solutions to Java from local environment. CodePorting source code editor let its users make a quick fix in the code. It also includes a built-in source code viewer that makes the code more readable and accessible, which means the user can make a quick fix in the project code using iPAD or smart phone even while travelling. CodePorting REST APIs are also available to help you develop your applications; you may also integrate CodePorting Porters in your web as well as desktop applications.

CodePorting Guarantee your Code Security

code security

For CodePorting being a web based application, code security is one of the primary concerns for its users. To ensure code security, CodePorting applications uses 128-bit SSL encrypted channels whereas dedicated firewall is utilized to restrict unauthorized system access. Microsoft Data Protection Manager is also used for further data protection. To deal with any kind of hardware failures, backup of every piece of hardware is available and to avoid after effects of software failure, backups are taken offsite weekly.

So why wait? Just spare your 2 minutes to sign up now and get a first-hand experience of code porting application. Also, provide us with your valuable feedback regarding our Apps so we keep on improving and updated!

Author’s Bio:I have Written many blog for because I found this application very useful for developers who want to convert their C# files, projects and applications to Java to make them paltform independent and now I am sharing my blogs as guest post.

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