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The Power of Images in Blogging

Tech and Tips

Content may be king in the blogging world, but images can add quality and information into your posts. With a catchy photo, you can attract the attention of readers even when they’re not particularly attracted to the topic. A good [...]

Is Your Website Effective in Terms of The Following 4 Factors?

Tech and Tips

In today’s modern technology it’s important that every business has a functional website. Although they are easy to set up, the best websites require a small amount of effort to become truly effective. If you want people to be aware [...]

5 Tips on Moving Overseas for Remote Workers

Tech and Tips

A global economy, digital age and quality of life concerns have many folks looking overseas for fresh starts. Bloggers can build their revenue streams without much overhead cost in Buenos Aires or Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Australia, New Zealand and Japan [...]

13 Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tools

Tech and Tips

Although Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing a page for the search engines but if you ignore the users then SEO alone can’t help you in ranking. It is very important to focus on good user experience and that [...]

10 Best Examples of Extremely Fabulous Contact Pages

Tech and Tips

While designing a website, we need to take care of each and every aspect, from header to footer, or from landing page to even contact page. Make sure that the entire design is great all the way through. A website [...]

So Guest Posting is Dead Now, What’s Next?

Tech and Tips

It was expected and we all were prepared for it but do you think it can stop bloggers, webmasters and SEO service providers from creating backlinks? No it can’t because the focus will shift to another platform. For example people [...]