Top 15 Tricky Ways To Get Comments On A Blog

Updated October 6, 2023

What is the first thing you think about after starting a blog? You hope it will become very popular among readers, it will get many subscribers, and… all readers will definitely comment on its posts. How to make the readers of your blog comment on it? This task can be really challenging, because, as we all know, there are many so-called passive readers in both blogs and social media, who prefer reading to writing. But some tricky ways still can be found for you to use in order to get more comments on your blog.

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1. Write for yourself

The best way to get comments is to write about what you find interesting personally. Some bloggers may disagree with that, because they always think of their target audience first of all, and their interests may differ much of course. But answer the following question then: why to start a blog on the niche you do not personally like?

Write about things you find interesting, share them in social media, make more people know about your writing, and the readers of your blog will definitely stop and write a couple of words about your piece of writing.

2. Write shortly

As we all know already, Internet users do not like reading long articles. The perfect variant is when a reader spends three-five minutes for your article, so, try to write shortly and express your thoughts clearly. Such articles make a good impression and increase your chances to get a comment: a person goes through an article quickly and just gives a short response.

3. Describe fears

Your fears of course. Share them with your readers to get a connection with them. Even if they are not afraid of the same things, they will definitely leave a comment about this. People always like discussing weak points of other fellows, and you will get some really surprising, funny, and awkward comments on such a type of your articles.

4. Describe failures

Nothing attracts us more than a failure of other people, especially when we know, that they are fine after this fail. Pictures and videos of different fails get thousands of likes and re-posts on the Web; so, if a title of your article will be something like “What I’ve learned from my falling down the stairs”, the big chances are that you’ll get many comments on it.

5. Describe blogging itself

People like reading about blogging and writing, especially when they are bloggers themselves. It should not be an expert’s point of view in order to attract people’s attention to it; just describe the process of blogging or writing the way you see it, share your observations with others, and you will see the interest of your readers. They will definitely respond to such kinds of article and share their own experience of writing in comments.

6. Always respond to their comments

We know, that you can comment on other blogs in order to attract people’s attention to your own website. But it will be much better, if you respond to the comments of your own readers for them to see that you listen to them and care about what they think of your writing. Such a strategy may lead to even more comments to your blog, because visitors will see that your blog is “alive”.

7. Ask them for comments

When your blog is new, you can easily send e-mails to your friends with a request to comment on some articles. Social media will help you here as well. And when your blog has enough content and first readers already, you may just ask the for comments in a body of articles. Just ask to share their thoughts on this or that topic, there is nothing wrong with that. People will like the fact you care about what they think.

8. Comments buying

There is no better way to make people comment on your blog than letting them know they can get some prize for it. So, you can “buy” their comments in such a way: just make a competition for the best comment on this or that article, and do not forget to award a winner.

9. Comments trading

You can trade your comments to boost them for your blog in turn. Just ask your readers who comment on your blog to choose an article where you can leave your comment. It’s something like comments exchange, and this trick may be really effective.

10. Extend your comments

When you read an interesting article at some blog, that inspires you, do not waste your energy on writing a long comment about it. Use the idea to write your own article, and post it at your blog with the link to a website that inspired you. After that, you can go to it and leave a short reply with a link to your own article. Such a scheme will definitely give more comments for everyone involved.

11. Become unexpected

Always try to surprise your readers. Write in a way they do not expect, ask them to disagree with you for example. People like this, especially when they know that their disagreement will not hurt you. This is your perfect chance to get more comments on your blog post.

12. Announce

Have you lost your weight? Have you got married? Just make an announcement at your blog about that. People like such posts, because they do not force them think much on content and future comments: they will come to congratulate you. Certainly, such a trick is not a very good idea when it comes to your business blog; no one needs to know about your personal wins and achievements there.

13. Attack

If you disagree with someone’s point of view, just write about it, and do not forget to mention their names. People like reading such posts, as they are always happy to observe some kind of arguments. But it should not look like a quarrel of two grannies on a bench, facts and arguments are always welcome. Make your readers choose who is right and who is wrong, and share this in their comments.

14. Congratulate

Such posts as “I want you to see this person…” have big chances to get comments from your readers. Some of them will write about how good you are to tell about this person or congratulate him with something; other ones will disagree with you and say, there was no reason to mention this person in your blog… But you will reach your goal anyway.

15. Disappear

When you post articles on your blog once a week for example, and you see that these articles get comments, this is not a reason to start posting twice a week or every day even. Just disappear for a week or two, and then come back with a new and really interesting post. You will see, how glad your readers will be to meet you back, and they will definitely tell you about it in comments. Quantity does not mean quality, and it is always better to write a thoughtful post once a week than posting something unclear every day. The Internet will not die or disappear, if you do not write anything for a week for example.


  • Syed Qasim

    Great topic. Thanks for sharing it Bilal Bhai. 🙂

  • Dear Bilal , very interesting and inspiring article . It will be helpful to new bloggers. I’m interested to start blogging , but I have no technical idea Or knowledge to start a personal website. Word press or Goggle+, which is the better one to start my blog. I have no enough money to get training or purchase kits for blogging . On real, I need money , and I have tried make money by several ways from internet ( doing survey, ppc etc. ) but they did not pay. Can you help me by anyway pls. !

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Tepan@ You have two ways. 1. Use google to find free guides on how to start blogging and read different ebooks and articles. Without learning all the basics you can not start a blog and ultimately make money with it.

      2nd is to invest in a guide where everything about blogging is covered with Videos so that you can easily learn every step.

      Once you have learned and started to implement then money will follow you. The process is slow and it takes little time but be motivated and don’t give up. Forget the “money” for a while and focus on learning about blogging or any other internet business. The more you think about the “money” the more time you will waste and at the end you will get nothing.

      So focus on it for the next 30 days and at the end it will help you in making money from internet.

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