19 Best Minecraft Game Servers

Updated October 6, 2023

Minecraft is known for its solo survival gameplay and its game servers are the best part to experience more fun apart from the Minecraft Seeds. As the game progresses the player wants some competition, and wishes to interact with other people. Minecraft’s experience is built wholly on the internet. The multiplayer world, provided by the servers, adds to the player’s interest.

You must be curious about Minecraft servers after knowing these tidbits. Explore the list of the 19 best Minecraft servers to find a universe of fascinating online multiplayer realms you’ll love to play in 2023.

How do the Minecraft servers work?

Server operators are specified to operate Minecraft. They have access to all the features including transportation of players of the game. They can also change the timing of the day in the game. Many such features are available and controlled by the operators.

Go through the list of some of best Minecraft servers before selecting one for yourself.

How to Use Minecraft Servers?

STEP 1. First of all, you have to find and copy the IP address of your favorite Minecraft server [List below contain some of the best Minecraft Server IPs].

STEP 2. Open your Minecraft and click on “Multiplayer

How to Use Minecraft Server IP

STEP 3. You’ll find an option “Add server” there. Choose this option.

Minecraft Add a Server

STEP 4. A box will appear. Add the IP address of your favorite server and add a name for the server so that you can remember it later. If you also try putting the Server Address in the Direct Connection if just want to check the server.

STEP 5. To enjoy the features of the chosen server, select the “Done” button.

List of Top Best Minecraft Servers

To make you an extraordinary player in the world of multiplayer games some servers are listed here. Have a look at them.

1. ManaCube

ManaCube Minecraft Server

ManaCube is a famous Minecraft server where you can sell things and earn money.


    • It has a shop developed recently with money winning opportunity
    • It is the most widely used app for its gameplay
    • It has an islands game option where you have to survive while facing different challenges

IP Address: Play.manacube.com

2. Hypixel

Hipixel Server for Minecraft

Hypixel is the next Minecraft server we’re going to talk about. It is the world’s largest Minecraft server ever developed on Earth.


      • It provides the player with unique maps
      • Here you can enjoy content that is regularly updated
      • Customized Minecraft ecosystems available
      • You can have the taste of different games like paintballs, Bedwars etc.
      • You can enjoy weekly competition opportunities
      • The server provides the player with a unique map

IP Address: mc.Hypixel.net

3. Applecraft

Apple Craft Server for Minecraft

Applecraft is one of the survival servers specially developed for Minecraft.


      • The goal here is to play a typical survival game here along with other players.
      • The massive environment of 10^10 m² is provide
      • It is made for players who want to play traditional or ancient Minecraft.

IP Address: Play.applecraftmc.org

4. Minescape


Minescape is the next fantastic Minecraft server you should know about.


      • Minecraft has been designed by idealizing RS3
      • Music synthesizer available
      • It feels like one of the best Minecraft server
      • The players can level up their qualities to ninety-nine levels
      • There are different IP addresses for different Minecraft editions.

IP Address

  • For Minecraft bedrock edition:  bedrock.gameslabs.net
  • For Minecraft Java edition: play.gameslabs.net

5. Mineplex


Mineplex doesn’t lose its place in the list of most famous Minecraft servers. There are always many players ready to play here. A wide range of games is provided to play.


      • There is a shop where you’ll be able to buy your favourite stuff
      • There are different games including the ones where people customize and develop things together.
      • So it would be the best option for you if you like to interact with others.

IP Address

  • us.mineplex.com for American players
  • eu.mineplex.com for European users

6. Ranch n’ Craft

Ranchncraft for Minecraft

Ranch n Craft has been developed for players who want to avoid wild-themed servers.


      • Equestrian-themed features are specifically provided in the server
      • Ranch n Craft is one of the most serene servers available
      • Users can file for land and establish their ranches and grow crops to their hearts’ pleasure.
      • Players who want to avoid the shootouts and want to live a peaceful life as a player enjoy the server.

IP Address: mc.ranchncraft.com

7. BrokenLens

Broken Lense Minecraft Server

BrokenLens offers such features to the player that it is now the only “ most comprehensive “ Minecraft server available on Earth.


      • This server allows for some cross-play between Minecraft editions
      • It has a variety of games to keep your group of pals entertained for a longer period
      • The modes available are mysteries, hide and seek etc.

IP Address: Play.brlns.net

8. The Seed

The Seed Server for Minecraft

The Seed is yet another attempt to return Minecraft servers to their original survival experience.


      • You can exchange things with different players after creating many shops.
      • The server offers the player to turn back time.
      • You can travel back in time to different places after paying to the server.

IP Address: Theseedmc.com

9. Brawl Games

Brawl Server

Brawl Games is the first server included in the list of 19 best Minecraft servers. Brawl takes pride in its exclusive material that cannot be found anywhere else.


      • The best feature you get to see here is the custom stuff
      • This Minecraft server provides the player with exclusive add-ons
      • You get a free party zone where you can enjoy games
      • The server provides features which are developed from the ground up
      • Games like zombie survival are available here

IP Address: mcsl.brawl.com

10. Hive MC

Hivemc Server IP

HiveMC is one of the greatest Minecraft bedrock servers available. It always offers something to the users to be entertained.


      • It offers mini-games for the players
      • Hide-and-seek games and other such games are available
      • It offers variable maps
      • You can check out the web page to get updates

IP Address: Play.hivemc.com

11. Minewind

Minewind Server

Minewind is the Minecraft server in which your only goal is to survive. Anybody can murder you mercilessly here. Honesty is the only thing you don’t find here.


Minewind is famous for its dishonest player instincts.

IP Address: Smp.minewind.net

12. Skyblock Network

Skyblock Server

Skyblock network has also been included in the list of 19 best Minecraft servers. It is one of the most efficient Minecraft servers.


      • All the material provided in the game is usually present at the edges so make sure not to fall and waste your time.
      • It includes all the features provided by other servers like mind-blowing structures and games.

IP Address: Play.skyblocknetwork.com

13. Pixelmon on PocketPixel

Pocket Pixel Server

The nicest aspect about Pixelmon Craft is that you can play it yourself without any other player.


      • As the server uses the internet, you’ll get to interact with all the pokemon biased people worldwide
      • You get a chance to capture every child’s crush Pokemon here
      • It is a story-based server
      • There are certain characters available in the game

Java IP address: play.pocketpixels.net

14. Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecraft Server

This is the Minecraft server which provides the player with features of both most played games. These games are Minecraft and GTA( Grand Theft Auto).


      • You can buy houses and weapons here
      • This is one of the best Minecraft servers available.

IP Address: gtm.network

15. WesterosCraft

WesterosCraft Best Minecraft Sever

The next server to add to the features of Minecraft is Westeroscraft. Westeroscraft helps you to reminisce GOT.


      • It is one of the top exploring Minecraft servers
      • It is an alleged replica of GOT World where you can explore four-hundred locales. GOT stands for Game of Thrones.

IP Address: mc.westeroscraft.com

16. MCCentral

Minecraft Central

MCCentral is a multimodal Minecraft server.


      • It has a simple interface
      • Several modes with different servers are available
      • It offers different mini-games
      • The modes help the user to reset every single day

IP Address: Mccentral.org

17. Wynncraft

Wynn Craft

Wynncraft is the next best server for Minecraft. It is distinguished from other Minecraft servers owing to its questioning system.


      • This server transports you to Wynn’s huge realm
      • Minecraft server provides the user with distinct questioning technology
      • You can level up here and can explore any things here

IP Address: Play.wynncraft.com

18. Minr

Minr Minecraft Server

Minr is one of the oldest Minecraft servers making it the server with most of the information regarding Minecraft.


      • The content available here is unique to find
      • It offers different adventurous activities to keep you entertained 24/7.
      • Minr has a combination of parkour and adventure activities that will keep you engaged visit after visit.

IP Address: Zero.minr.org

19. Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming Server for Minecraft

It is the last Minecraft server included in the list of 19 best Minecraft servers.


      • It also includes a popular Pixelmon version that allows you to collect and trade hundreds of Pokemon.
      • It offers a wide range of game modes like survival mode
      • The amazing creative realm is highly recommended like hunger games.

IP Address: Hub.mc-complex.com


Minecraft servers are there if you want to enjoy the versatility of online multiplayer gaming. Game-changing features are provided here that captivate users’ attention worldwide. Minecraft’s worlds are all completely exclusive. You cannot predict any upcoming landscape.

Overall, 19 of the greatest Minecraft servers have been featured to help you have fun while playing Minecraft. After reviewing the features of all servers, select the best server having all the unique features you are looking for.

FAQs for MineCraft Servers

What are Minecraft Server Rules?

1. Don’t go around murdering strangers.
2. Squatting is not allowed here.
3. You are not allowed to demolish other players’ stuff without their permission.
4. There will be no stealing from other players.
5. Pay the specified price for the stuff available in the shop.

What is the best Minecraft Server?

The oldest Minecraft Server is 2b2t which was founded in 2010. It is an "anarchy server" which means it has no rules and no one is banned for doing anything.

What is 2b2t Minecraft Server IP?

The IP Address of the 2b2t Minecraft Server also known as 2builders2tools is 2b2t.org.

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