Android Jelly Bean 4.1 with Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone in October Only

Updated October 6, 2023

Contentment is a word which just does not exist in the vocabulary of the people who work in the fields of innovation in the mobile phone markets. This is what leads to all the new inventions in this field and one can easily see that with each invention man is simply topping himself.

The mobile phones have now become quite smart and the improvements are simply taking them to the next levels. Some of the most wanted smart phones are from the Samsung galaxy series which have won the hearts in the markets all over. The Korean firm came with their best so far with the Samsung galaxy s3 which has created records of sorts at the markets with its sales figures.

The phone came out with the best that really amused its elite customers but now the latest update of the Android OS is available and it will leave the phone a step behind. The galaxy s3 came with the ice cream sandwich OS in the beginning of the year but now with the latest jelly bean OS and now it is time of the Android 4.1 Jelly bean OS update for the devices. So far the phones from the other brands of the same range are coming with the OS update and Samsung has now come up with the update links on the internet.

News is out that the first update links have been released for the polish markets. The best feature that will make a difference and is one of the prominent reasons why people are going for the OS update is the Project Butter which will ensure that the touch transition of the phone will improve and will become super smooth like butter.

The Android 4.1 jelly bean OS updates are available now and since the s3 users are waiting for this since the moment the new OS was officially released this should have been the first device to have come up with the OS update. It had been earlier told that the update for the Samsung galaxy S3 will be available by October and looks like they are standing up to their promise as the updates are available for some of the east European countries and yet the worldwide release of the official news is being waited. A new notification bar, better transition, multiple home screens, better performances, a pop-out video player which is resizable are all some of the most awaited jelly bean OS features.

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