A Guide to Old School RuneScape

Updated October 6, 2023

The launch Old School RunScape brought along a significantly changed game. Although as exciting as ever, you need to brush up your Old School RunScape playing skills.

Given that playing the Old School has significantly changed when compared to the original one, you should consider watching the wrap-up videos available for Old School RunScape. You will get better insights and have an intricate understanding of what to expect.

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That said, in this read, we will try and impart as much knowledge as possible.

A Simple Old School RunScape Guide:

Your Account 

The first thing you need is an account. The account will give you access to XP and GP on player travel. This is an enjoyable way of playing the game. Importantly, it gives you a simple means of gathering points. By completing the various daily obstacles, players accrue points that help them progress levels-wise. This is an important endeavor as you proceed with the game. The data is saved and the players have an obligation for protecting this data as part of having an account.


It is critical for players to understand the way of the land, given that the game is set on a fantasyland. To this end, use the mini-maps to navigate around. Discover the spaces, the edges, and the barriers to avoid while playing the game.

Course System

Old School RunScape has an enormous world and an egalitarian development system to explore. As such, it advisable for novices to make use of the Course System to understand the direction they should forward in. the Course System offers an appropriate direction guide to aim to. Overall, it helps save time and avoid getting lost in the dream globe.

Daily Obstacles

While playing the game, ensure you check out the messages and the notices. This is where players are given various day-to-day challenges to overcome. The challenges are fun-filled adventures that allow players to go up the levels. Additionally, the messages allow players to find out the variety of materials that the game offers. The tasks are simple, enjoyable, and they can be completed in a very short time – roughly 20 minutes. After completing the tasks, a player is awarded a mass of XP boosters.


If you are a novice to the game, head to the pursuits right at the start. This opens up brand-new transportation methods and ways to gain access to specific areas. Before taking a mission, understand the benefits you accrue from it. Choosing the right benefits will help you level up.


For training, many Old School RunScape player recommend training with Killer under a reduced combat level. However, you can gain a lot from training in Runecrafting and hunting as well.


The fantasy world of Gielinor is a dangerous place. However, it does have a lot of fun activities that players to experience. That said, to endure this world, just like any real-world battle, you need to hone your fighting skills to perfection. Given that you will combat your way to safety and for survival, perfecting your battling skill is important.

Support Abilities

While combat is an important element in Old School RunScape, there is a lot you can do in the game that does not involve any form of fighting. For instance, there are players who have succeeded by simply crafting items needed in the game and selling these items. In doing this, they have advanced across the levels.

These are the fundamentals of the Old School RunScape that you should have in mind when playing the game. If you find this read helpful but you want information on Old School RunScape gold, there is some good info on cheap RS gold here.

The game has been designed to be enjoyable. It comes with numerous experiences that catch the attention of players. Give Old School RunScape a try and see how far you can level up and how long you can survive.

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