7 Ways Facebook Local Will Affect Local SEO

Updated October 6, 2023

More customers are going local. Whether it’s for services or businesses and has a local business responding to such trends puts your business on the right track to success. This trend is impacting SEO in a big way with the rise of local SEO. Local SEO is a great way for businesses to target their local customers.

Most businesses target ranking on Google when developing their online profile. They tend to underestimate the influence of major social networking sites such as Facebook. But with the launch of Facebook Local things are about to change.

If you are wondering what it is and how it’s going to impact local SEO then you’ve come to the right place.

What is Facebook Local and How Does It Affect Local SEO?

You can think of it as a combination of Foursquare and Yelp. Its an upgraded version of the Events app. The new platform provides a new way for consumers to find out what’s going on around them. However, it’s more than a directory for local events and businesses, it relies on user-generated content and reviews to rank business pages.

You need to optimize your website with different SEO techniques, such as having an effective keyword strategy and a pillar page.

Wondering what is a pillar page?

It’s a page that has a topic cluster that comprehensively covers all parts of the topic on one page and links to more detailed blog posts.

Likewise, Facebook Local will help you drive your SEO to the next level and even rank on the first page on google. That’s why you have to set up your business page on Facebook and take advantage of the traffic from this huge social networking site.

Here is how Facebook local may affect local SEO:

1. Content

Facebook Local is not the only platform that completely hollers or consists of the highest number of reviews and ratings. However, it’s one useful and powerful tool. The only part where Facebook differs from the other databases is the search section.

As a result of this, anyone posting business or promotional content should be careful to ensure that the Facebook pages are correctly and filled out. Also, ensure that all the information is correct starting form the name of your business, address, and phone number.

Remember to include all the other relevant types of business. Avoid holding back any relevant information on the profile. For instance, in the about part, mention all the keyword texts on how customers enjoy visiting your business.

The more you present relevant information in the profile, the easier it becomes for Facebook users to find you.

2. Local search

Facebook Local affects the local SEO through the local search ranking. The information you provide, including the name, phone number, and address (NAP) plays a significant role in the search section.

Therefore, by maintaining consistent information in all the websites and listings, the SEO will consider your business on Facebook Local as authentic. This also increases your ranking in the local search.

3. Improves Content Reach

Facebook Local is a great channel of sharing content with millions of people across the world. On the search engines section, Facebook users can only view your content if they search for a relevant keyword.

Good content reaches results in high-quality traffic which in the end affects content ranking. Therefore, having many influencers who can share your content will help raise your ranking and reach millions of other account users.

4. Reviews

Facebook Local has effectively helped the Facebook platform handle the problems associated with the reviews. Whereas most of the customers trust online reviews and recommendations from friends and family, some believe that there are real first reviews.

The rampancy of the fake reviews and the perception that they exist is rapidly rising. When it comes to Facebook Local, businesses are normally categorized depending on the approval and popularity of the individuals whom the Facebook users recognize, respect, and believe.

5. Better Visibility

Image source: Pixabay.com

In an attempt to bring society into a simple local search, Facebook Local has put together all the events and the business directory to one app.

Moreover, Facebook Local merges with the calendar and synchronizes all events in a single place. It also includes the discover tabs and the trending events to show you what is popular at the moment and among your friends.

Hosting an event raises the chances of your discoverability and visibility as well as the probability of being added in the customer feeds. Therefore, always ensure that you frequently create your events such as product sales, launches, and promotional activities.

6. The Popularity of the Check-Ins

Facebook Local can easily view the check-Ins to determine the different popular businesses by scanning all the account users.

Make use of the Facebook Local check-Ins to prove that your business is progressing. A good example is the Yelp check-Ins that allows customers to access certain discount codes on their mobile phones. The key here is to gain more customers via Facebook Local.

7. Ads content

When it comes to the ad’s content, both Facebook and the Yelp allow the user to advertise their business content.

Although Facebook Local doesn’t have the advertising section, you can use the Facebook and Yelp ads to learn and even experiment how it works so that you can apply later when the Facebook Local ads are introduced.


It’s clear that Facebook Local has a major effect on SEO as a whole. Positioning your business early will enable you to take advantage of this new feature. If it succeeds, businesses might enjoy more visibility, traffic, and other amazing business-friendly features that benefit local businesses.

Even though the impact of Facebook Local app is not felt yet, the initiative to get ready for it is worthwhile. Facebook is a huge social network and its hard to ignore its impact on business. Setting up a strong profile across all social media channels is also essential for better local SEO performance.

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  • I presume ad targeting would become more precise with the local seo on FB.

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