5 Tips for App Store Optimization

Updated October 6, 2023

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization, also known as ASO is a form of search engine optimization except through apps. This usually includes the use of searches in App Stores, as in the same function like Google searches, however for phone apps. This comes as an important point to note. Most people are now shifting towards apps since the high number of mobile users that are constantly increasing. According to a research by NetMarketShare, Google drives 96 percent of mobile search traffic. Google dominates greatly when it comes to mobile searches and mobile dominates when it comes to internet usage. This current state makes it ideal to utilize apps as one of the main element in your search engine strategy.

This brings us to how exactly does ASO work and how can one implement it effectively?

Here are some things you need to know about ASO.

1:- Keywords

As with SEO, ASO also requires the use of keywords. Choosing the right keywords is essential when trying to make your app stand out from the rest. You need to know which keywords are most relevant and most used by your target audience out there. A quick tip, make sure to use some strategic keywords rather than just some highly searched ones, keywords such as long-tail keywords – with more than two words. Choosing a few consistent keywords that you can use in multiple descriptions might help as well.

2:- Title

As the same concept as SEO, you should also use the most searched and relevant keywords in your title. Keep it short and to-the-point, most search engines limit the number of characters used in titles – usually around 60 characters. Also make sure you think of your title carefully because changing titles once your app gains more views may be more complicated, especially when it starts to spread via word-of-mouth.

3:- Descriptions

The app description must be short and to-the-point, yet informative about what the app entitles. It must also contain the searched keywords. Be clear and concise about your description and make sure the major keywords are used to emphasize the main function of your app. This keeps the readers informed and enhance the search-ability of your app thanks to keywords. Make sure to also keep your descriptions accurate with the actual function of your app. There are plenty of app descriptions out there that don’t accurately depict their apps, do not be one of them.

4:- Screenshots

It is also important to provide screenshots for your app to make it as accurately as possible. Screenshots provide a clear view of how your app looks like, increasing credibility and downloads. Make sure to use the screenshots that showcase how easy and or how fun it is to use.

5:- Ranks/Reviews

You technically do not have that much control over your ranks or reviews, however, aside from your internal efforts of trying to promote your app, the actual ratings and reviews from people will increase your search optimization.

In conclusion, getting the top search ranks when looking for apps plays an important role in the decision-making process of your users. It is important to optimize your app search to ensure you get top results, which is why ASO is highly needed. Utilize your ASO to the fullest and optimize your company from all devices.

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