6 Apps To Improve Your Lifestyle

Updated October 6, 2023

At times, you might need a change in your daily routines as you aim for a positive step in your well-being. Such change may relate to healthy eating habits and body goals, adequate sleep, meditation in dealing with stress, and anxiety and more.

As technology keeps improving, there is nearly an app for everything, and this includes achieving your desired lifestyle. These apps help to keep track of growth and ensure you are on the proper path to better living.

These apps are also beneficial to developers as they are highly engaging. Hence, user feedback is regularly given, which helps developers with ideas on improvements and how to promote a mobile app.

Below you will find a comprehensive analysis of apps that can help you improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Insight Timer

It’s essential to take time off each day to meditate and reflect on things, an act of which will help your mental health. Taking a pause and a deep breath with a soothing sound can help calm the mind, reduce stress, and anxiety and help with sleeping.

Insight timer is a meditation app with well over 120,000 free guided meditation courses. They cover subjects like self-care, healing, and diverse topics on how to go about your desired lifestyle. Compared to other apps, Insight Timer makes available free meditation courses even at the expiration of the free trial.

With an easy-to-use interface, you are able to enjoy live streams of sessions like yoga and group workshops. It also offers you an opportunity to have a coach on a one-on-one basis, who helps you manage and serves as a guide on your meditation sessions.

You discuss topics relating to what causes stress, and anxiety and also how to reduce them, and have a good quality sleep. In turn, these exercises help you grow in your individual capacity, and your interaction with people and ultimately, boost your self-esteem.


Ymdi is a Middle-Eastern app that helps in calculating information needed before a venue closes. It does this by taking time and distance into account, determining how soon you can make it to a shop. As an app from the Middle East, it gathers information as it relates to praying time so you can manage your time without missing prayers.

Given its benefits to the Arab’s way of life, it was quickly accepted by the Saudi Arabian authorities, unlike many other apps like online casinos, which are censored. Nonetheless, you can still access your favorite games with VPNs, and for online casinos, there are comparison sites that also serve as a guide with in-depth online casino reviews from experts. Moreover, the platform also compares all the latest welcome bonuses and advises on how to play legally.

Apart from its navigation functions, Ymdi also recommends venues using the Foursquare City Guide. It also redirects you to its selected locations with the help of navigation apps. Hence, you’re always in time for prayers and never have to worry about missing out when shopping.

Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app helps you have a better sleeping routine and keeps track of your sleep. It takes into account how early you go to bed and how long you sleep. The app analyzes when you sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phases, therefore improving your general brain and body function. It does this with the help of the accelerometer in a smartphone that detects body movements.

The app also offers sound options that monitor your breathing and movements all through the night. It serves to improve your sleep and give you a better sleeping routine.


WebTeb is an Arab application that provides you with information concerning medical and health-related news. It emphasizes the need to stay on track with your health and go on checkups if need be. The app also goes further in publishing articles on medicines, health, pregnancy and childbirth.

The app features information from licensed physicians, and symptom diagnostics so you to have adequate information about your health condition. It goes further to give information to a list of doctors in the proximity of the users. Webteb has taken a step to make it convenient for you to stay on track with your health condition and your food calories.

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